Lets talk about window treatments

Window treatments in any home are of huge importance. Not only in the overall look of your décor when decorating to live, but also to your buyer when shopping for a home.

Window treatments do so much for a space. They layer in warmth, texture, colour, drama, elegance, ambience and at times create artistic flare. You can find treatments that will block out light or help to soften a window without loosing light. You can find custom treatments that can work for you, by acting as an insulator during those colder seasons.

Blinds or Drapes

Should I put up drapes or blinds? This is a question, that I frequently get asked. There is no one answer, because it greatly depends on the style of your space. If you are selling your house and the space is modern and chic, you may want to stick with a blind. They create clean lines and remove any possibility of weighing the modern style down with fabric. Which, if it is not used properly, can seem cluttered and heavy in that specific décor style. Most likely, your furnishings and décor will be more metals, plastic or even glass and perhaps leather for sofas and chairs. If you do have fabric on your sofas and chairs, often times it will be simple colours and linear in style, to continue that minimal clean look you get in modern lifestyles.

On the other hand, if your style is traditional or contemporary, drapery would be perfect in creating that comfy, ‘homey feeling’. The full, luxuriousness of the fabric, is inviting in this design style. The fabric paired with beautiful rods and finials, add that layer of sophistication or flare and is a great compliment to a this specific style. Drapery is a great way to add contrast and dimension to a room. Rather than having a seamless wall (as it would appear, using blinds) you would add definition to your wall and windows. Drapery frames windows beautifully and helps to create the right atmosphere in a room, especially at night when your windows become a big black hole in the wall without them.

Another choice is using both to create a layered look. The drapes will frame the window and add drama and elegance while the blinds can shade the room without loosing the finished look of the drapes open. This is especially nice when you have guests over and you want to keep that picture perfect look while entertaining. Its easier to close the blind than fiddling with the drapes.

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With or Without them? – When Selling

I will always suggest a window treatment when selling your house, if it is in your budget to do so. Why, because it adds value! What is the one thing that comes at a great expense when you move? Window treatments!! More often than not, your current window treatments are either too small or too big, to short or to long and you will have to go out and buy all new blinds or drapes in one session. Its costly, time consuming and a dreaded task. Include your window treatments in your listing. Its a ‘plus to your buyer. Even if they are planning on changing them in the future, it is a great advantage to have them up, giving your buyer the privacy they need while they are settling in and sorting out their design plan. No one wants to run out and grab something in a hurry only to have to do it all over again, once they change their colours and style of their space.

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Cost vs Gain

There are several locations that sell drapery and blinds at a very affordable price. In most cases you already have window treatments in place, so It really does not have to be a great expense if you have to upgrade one or two window treatments and you can still find great colour and style and it not be overly pricey. The advantage to you ‘the vendor‘ is that you have just added a bonus to your listing by including them. After all, you want your buyers experience, to be as positive as it can be. This is a simple and cost effective way to do, just that!

What are your thoughts on adding window treatments? Do you feel they add value or do you feel they are not necessary? I would love to hear from you!

All the best in a speedy sale, paired with a positive experience!

As always, helping you in…caring for your Total Home!

Cindy Charbonneau

Your Professional Property Stager