Presence Matters and We Show You Why

We have summarized the TOP 10 ways below where you will see a return on investment when you effectively showcase your property for sale.

  1. Online Presence – Stand out against your competition!
  2. Buyers Must See List – Positioning in the Marketplace!
  3. Drive Traffic to your Listing – Getting people in the door is KEY!
  4. The Dream Experience in Real Time – Provide that visual WOW experience!
  5. Move in Ready – Well maintained properties are often perceived as Move in Ready!
  6.  Supports your Asking Price РYour buyer will perceive your property as having added value when it is beautifully featured!
  7. Larger Potential Buyers List – Busy listings have more opportunity to receive an offer if not multiple offers.
  8. Top Dollar – Attractive, well maintained homes that WOW buyers do well at the negotiation table!
  9. Time on Market – Buyers don’t want to loose an opportunity on a property that won’t last long on the market, this speeds up your offer potential!
  10. Win Win Win – now you get to move on to your new home, and you’ve gained time, money and have reduced mounds of stress for you and your family.

Below is a more focused description for 5 Top points we want to hit home on in order to be more effective in our message and well.. to be less wordy ūüėČ

Reason #1 – Online Presence

Your Photos Matter!

Did you know that approximately 98% of buyers today are searching online first when they are shopping for a potential home to buy!!

Yikes right! Gone are the days that people spend time driving through neighborhoods looking for FOR SALE signs.

Online searches begin with inputting their search criteria, and they will then be populated with a list to match that search.

So lets be completely honest here; it is your photos that are going to grab your buyers attention – and they will be leafing through the photos like pages in a book. The ones that grab their attention will be the ones they tour first.

If the photo doesn’t appeal to them, they will pass it on by – even if your house is the house of their dreams.

Poor photos are lost opportunities ūüôĀ

Your photos absolutely MUST get their attention and get them excited to see your property!

Fact: 90% of buyers cannot visualize past what they see.

Reason #2 – Get on your ‘Buyers Must See List

Stand Out Against Your Competition!

So now that we have great online photos, we are going to stand out against our competition and get on our ‘Buyers Must See List’.¬†

This is the place to be, because once you have grabbed their attention, they are now taking a closer look at all that your property has to offer.

I’m not talking about their search criteria, since they have already refined their search for how many bedrooms etc… before they even browsed at the photos, I am talking about digging in further to explore what more your house has to offer, such as great features or upgrades.

You have enticed them to seriously consider your property and now they want to see it…!

Fact: Studies have shown that staged homes vs. non staged homes have SOLD in more than 50% less time on market.

Reason #3 – Drive Traffic to Your Listing!

Busy Listings are Enticing to Prospective Buyers!

The best possible outcome, after you have invested time, money and energy into your property, is to see the fruits of your labour come to life with a busy open house…right!¬†

The absolute last thing you want to hear is crickets when you open your doors to the public. This is not only seriously discouraging, but a huge waste of your precious time.

A busy listing tells your potential buyers that this house is a Hot Ticket Item and will not be on the market long. It will may even force your buyers to want to take action, and fast.

Fact: Statistics show that you have 7 – 10 seconds to impress your buyer when they walk in your door.

Reason #4 – A larger Potential Buyers List!

More Potential Buyers Equals Quicker Results!

Activity is the surest way to receive the potential for an offer on your property, and if you have effectively showcased your home, and you have a lot of foot traffic in your door, you have greatly expanded your opportunity to have a ‘Larger Potential Buyers List’.¬†

Having more people in your home, means that you stand a better chance at not only getting an offer, but quite potentially getting multiple offers.

Top dollar could mean an offer ‘over and above your asking price’.

Fact: Staged Properties will appear ‘Well Maintained’ which to your buyer is perceived as ‘Move in Ready’ … this is a very appealing position to be in.¬†

Reason #5 – Less Time on Market!

Move on to Your Dream Home Faster!

Selling a house is statistically one of the ‘single most stressful things’ a person or family can do!¬†

It is time consuming, & mentally and emotionally exhausting for everyone concerned. Your whole world is turned upside down, and everyone is feeling the strain.

Your investment in property showcasing is something that can essentially help you and your family move on much sooner than sitting on a property that simply has no interest and no buyers.

Let’s be honest, how long exactly are you and your family prepared to sit and wait for your house to sell?

How much money will you be willing to spend on carrying costs before you sell your house?

How much money are you willing to loose in a price drop, before you sell your house?

We ask this because we see it all the time and it is such a shame because time on market begs the question ‘What’s wrong with the house’ and this is not the questions you want to be answering to your potential buyers.

Fact: Staging helps you to avoid ‘Selling your Competition’ and loosing potential revenue.¬†

Staging is Investing in Selling Your Home in the Shortest Amount of Time and for Top Dollar!

Many of us have thought of staging as ‘Costing’ money. When we think of cost we usually think of it as a loss.

Obviously when you showcase your property there is an exchange of financial resources. But instead, I prefer to look at is an an ‘Investment’. Investment typically is thought of as; you will¬†gain¬†something¬†in the financial exchange.¬†

This is what in Real Estate we class as ROI (Return on Investment).

When you are in The Business of Selling Your House, and have decided to effectively Showcase your Property with your target market buyer in mind. You are taking this business seriously and will reap the benefits of your investment.

Staging adds value from your buyers perspective as your home will appear well maintained &  will present a lifestyle your buyer can envision.

Big builders sell the DREAM in each of their model homes, and you can do this too!

Fact: Buyers have to mentally move into your house, before they will make it their HOME!

Share with me your comments and ideas of what Property Staging means to you. Do you have a success story you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home! 

Cindy Lutes – Certified Property Stylist

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