It all comes down to money…correct?!

Ok, so you want to know, if you spend hundreds and quite possibly thousands of dollars on showcasing (staging) your property, how does that investment pay you back? This is what we call ROI – Return on investment! And this is the biggest and most influential decision maker of it all! It’s a tough ‘nugget’ to wrap your head around for most people! So let me break it down for you ūüėČ

Changing the mindset

The reason why I say ‘changing the mindset’¬†in helping you to¬†begin to¬†understand how showcasing your property for sale has a very successful¬†ROI is this. In my experience, most vendors are going about their thinking in totally the wrong way!¬†One of the things I hear most often from vendors is, ‘Why should I spend x amount of dollars, just so someone else can enjoy it’, ‘What is this going to ‘cost’ me’?, ‘I think my house looks ‘fine’ the way it is, why would I spend money on changing things’? These are very good questions indeed, from the vantage point of looking at it like you are ‘losing’ something.

Instead… I would prefer you look at it as a good ‘business investment’, to influence the ‘level of success’ of the sale of your property!

Staging and Return on Investment

Let’s begin understanding ROI when selling your property.

Most of us think of ROI when selling your house as ‘Cash Back’. Although, I cannot deny that this is a huge motivator! But that is not the only¬†way you will see a ROI.

Here’s a new perspective on the where, when, why and how to sell your house effectively! This is with a changed mindset of what it will cost you (what you stand to loose) vs. what is my investment (what am I going to gain).

1. When you feature your property using ‘Professional Staging Services‘ you’ve invested in having an attractive online presence! Super important in today’s market.

2. Online searches and looking at photos is where your buyers go first, to look for properties. With a attractive Online Presence, you will stand out against your competition! Essentially, you have invested in having that competitive edge against your competition! After all, your competition is working to sell their house quick and for top dollar too!

3. When you have an attractive online presence, your buyer puts ‘your house’ on their ‘must see list’! If you are not making it to your buyers must see list, it is a lost opportunity to get a bid.

4. When your house is on your buyers must see list¬†this will drive¬†traffic to your listing,¬†so your investment has created a much larger ‘potential buyers list’! Getting people in the door is HUGE, and having a much larger potential buyers list is, providing you with so much more potential to get multiple offers!

5. When you have a larger potential buyers list, and you are driving traffic to your listing with your attractive online presence, this is how you are going to gain a better chance of having people bid on your property! More bids equals quicker sale and for more money.

6. With professional property showcasing, you are going to specifically target your buyer and this is why people who use property stylists, are so successful in selling their house for more money and for top dollar! Why,  because your house is designed in such a way as to, look appealing to the specific buyer that will be looking for a house in your market area.  For example, a young couple will have a very different set of expectations of what they are attracted to, then say a retiree.

7. When your buyer walks through your door, and they see how beautiful your house looks, you have added substantial value to your home, from the buyers perspective! Your home looks well maintained and that’s a huge reason why showcasing your property works! A home that is perceived as well maintained is one that from your buyer’s perspective will not be on the market long!

8. Your listing is where you want your buyers to go, right?! So why wouldn’t you feature it so that it looks its absolute best, when this means you are driving traffic to your listing? You have to know, that this is the best way to how, you are going to get the best possible asking price!


your total home

your total home

The whole point of staging is to enhance it’s existing beauty!

This is a BIG business decision for you AND your buyer!¬†Why¬†not make it so much easier and set your listing up for success right from the start?! Something to think about…. Staging or better said, Professional Property Showcasing, is not a trend, it’s here to stay, because people are quickly catching on to what works. You know the old saying ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’?!

I wish you huge success in the SALE of your house! In the meantime take a browse at some beautiful photos from our professional home staging portfolio. 

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home!

Cindy Lutes Р  Professional Property Stylist  Р Transforming interiors to a space you will be proud of! APSD РCertified Staging Professional  Р  RESA Ottawa Chapter Member РGraduate of The Interior Design Institute.