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What is Home Staging?

Property Showcasing (or Home Staging as it is commonly known) is; effectively mapping out a design plan. that creates visual guidance for your buyers, with a lifestyle aspect that is perfectly in line with your Target Market Buyer in mind.

Many have looked at this invaluable service as simply; cleaning, organizing, DE-cluttering, DE-personalizing etc… These are incredibly important aspects of getting your home ready for sale, but are only a part of the magic that happens when you effectively feature your home with beautiful design.

I’m excited to show you a property we showcased, where the homeowner tried to at first, market their home as a vacant property – when that proved to not be working out for them, they decided to get creative and furnish the house with their furniture.

They quickly realized that they needed to provide the visual guidance that buyers ‘so need’ when viewing a property and mapping out a proper floor plan.

Again, this speaks to that lifestyle that buyers need to grasp when deciding on if the property ‘feels’ like one they could see themselves living in. Great plan, however it is important to execute it properly.

As admirable as their effort was, it didn’t work as well as they had hoped, and so they called in Total Home to have it professionally showcased.

The Vacant Bowling Alley Effect

Floor Planning

So, the obvious is; with a vacant property, it has ‘no’ floor planning, no lifestyle attributes, is echo’y and is devoid of any emotion. With nothing providing any guidance on concept of dimension, size, layout or design, it leaves everything to the imagination.

This means that it leaves buyers with questions like; how are we going to lay things out? Will our stuff fit or work in this space?

Without the proper guidance it can often be a hindrance on how you property is received by the buyer. In fact they typically spend more time looking at deficiencies and the outdoor space than they do on visualizing themselves living there, because there is nothing within the space to gain their attention.

Fact: 90% of buyers cannot visualize past what they see. 

When you come into a unique property such as this one, where the main living space is long and narrow, it makes it especially difficult to determine a working floor plan. It will often be perceived as looking similar to a bowling alley.

This will look exciting to the children, but not so much for the adult of the family. You wonder, how on earth am I going to lay this room out and what do I do with all this space in the middle?

Homeowners Attempt at Showcasing

Perception is Everything

Often times, homeowners will try their hand at adding furniture and some light accessories of their own to their listing to save on costs. Although I totally respect the idea of saving money, it doesn’t always work out that way and can be to your detriment.

Fact: Buyers have to mentally move into your house before they will make it their home. 

If when your buyer walks through your property and the spaces are not clearly defined, it leaves your buyer with questions and confusion.

In this case, you will notice how the seller placed the dining room in the center of the long narrow space attempting to create some division between the two living rooms. This configuration is awkward in that; you have two living rooms on the same level in the same space and the dining room seems out of place.

As well, they used antiques and dated furnishings in this modern new build which does nothing for the appeal of the modern new design the house was built to depict.

Professionally Showcased Property

Setting the Scene

At the advice of their Real Estate Agent, our clients decided it was time to call us in to set this property right.

Time on market is very discouraging, costly, and can leave your buyers with a negative perception of your property. People begin asking questions like; is it priced to high? Is there something wrong with the house?

Fact: Professionally Showcased properties evoke that dream home atmosphere and appear ‘move in ready’. 

We gave this space an entirely new floor plan that was functional and lent a beautiful design aesthetic that was in line with maintaining the integrity of the modern new build design and to attract the right target market buyers in the door.

We placed the Dining Room opposite the Kitchen, which made perfect sense, and created an an extension of the living space in the center of the room, which added warmth, appeal, charm and added valuable real estate from the perspective of entertaining and/or family life.

Total Home offers an comprehensive staging consultation to help you prepare your home effectively with your target market buyer in mind.

We would love your feedback on your home selling experience 🙂

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home!

Most Sincerely,

Cindy Lutes – Certified Property Stylist/Interior Designer