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There is a growing interest in bathroom renovation and remodeling services in the Ottawa area from homeowners looking to improve the design and function of their main bathrooms, powder rooms and ensuites. Transforming dated bathrooms into modern retreats gives you more enjoyment from your space and also increases the value of your home.

As a local Ottawa area family-owned business and established renovation company, we focus on providing meticulous craftsmanship and reliable customer service, to help make your renovation journey a rewarding experience.

Selecting the right bathroom renovation contractor is a critical step in the home renovation process. The team at Total Home, has a certified carpenter managing the construction and a certified interior designer to help choose finishes, plan the space effectively and add that wow-factor in the finished design. 

From high-end redesigns to budget-friendly upgrades, we have a commitment to quality, ensuring that each project aligns with the homeowner’s vision and design style. 


When embarking on a bathroom renovation project in Ottawa, selecting the right general contractor is paramount to the project’s success. A well-chosen contractor brings expertise, reliability, and craftsmanship to transform your space effectively.


On-Site Consultation

We offer a complimentary site review consultation to discuss your renovation needs and vision. This is a great opportunity to meet your contractor, ask any questions, and recognize their level of expertise

insurance & specialization

A reputable contractor should carry adequate liability insurance to protect both their workforce and your property. We have WSIB as a certified carpenter.

Contractors who specialize in bathroom renovations can be more adept at handling specific challenges unique to bathroom projects.


A thorough examination of past work can provide insight into a contractors capability and quality of finish. Reading reviews from past clients will also give insight into the contractor’s professionalism and quality of work.

You may see many reviews and award recognition from Houzz and TrustedPros.

Managing your bathroom renovation budget

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, having a clear understanding of your budget and cost expectations is important. In our quotes, we provide an itemized breakdown of material, labour and design pricing so you have a clear expectation of the work scope. As you know, sometimes during a renovation unforeseen circumstances can arise like material price increases, hidden structural issues, or plumbing problems, but we are always upfront with clients about this so you are prepared going into the project. 


If you are in the Ottawa area, and thinking about starting a bathroom renovation and looking for a qualified contractor, you may be wondering what the process is to get started. 

Bathroom renovation projects range from simple updates to complete overhauls. You may be looking for improvements such as modernizing fixtures, increasing storage space, or fully transforming the aesthetics and layout.

What is involved in a bathroom renovation project:

  • Initial Assessment: Contractors typically start with an in-depth discussion to understand the homeowner’s needs and the desired outcome and explain the cost, terms, and warranty.
  • Design: The client will then communicate to the contractor what they would like or have an interior design create the design plan.
  • Selection of Materials: The client will choose the finishes and fixtures for installation or have an interior designer choose these for the contractor to install
  • Construction: The actual renovation work is conducted by skilled tradespeople.
  • Quality Check: Ensuring the finished product matches the agreed-upon design, accessibility, and functionality.


When planning a bathroom remodel, selecting the right fixtures and materials to align with your design esthetic and stand the test of time is important for a successful renovation.

From vanities, to cabinets, showers, tubs, tiling, countertops, flooring, lighting, mirrors and built-in storage, the options are endless. If you are not sure where to start or don’t have the time to shop around, we can help you with that! With Cindy as our in-house interior designer, we can help present a design plan based on your style with all sorts of options to complete the look.

Ottawa bathroom renovation transformations

We have completed several bathroom renovations in Ottawa, working closely with clients to deliver personalized spaces combining functionality and elegance.

Whether it’s installing sleek fixtures or crafting custom cabinetry, the goal remains consistent: to create a bathroom that is not only visually appealing but also adds to the overall value of the property.

Black & White En-Suite Bathroom

This property was located in the Glebe and was an older home, so we gutted and reinstalled an entirely new bathroom during this bathroom renovation since the old bathroom was quite outdated.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

This bathrooom renovation demonstrates how you can work with an existing footprint, and recreate the same space into something fresh and modern! No plumbing changes were required and we were still able to give this space the upgrade it genuinly needed.

Mountain EN-Suite Bathroom

This bathroom ensuite renovation project was basically a renovation rescue. We had to take out the old contractor’s tile and shower as it was improperly done and start from scratch. This space was quite large, so we added a large double vanity with ample storage, a free-standing tub and a large custom shower with our signature custom wall to wall niche, and linear drain.

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