Renovations are an important part of how we live in our home’s day to day, and also how we feel about the integrity of the build. We want to be sure that our home is built well and will serve us successfully over the course of several years, if not decades.

Total Home is proud to say that Gilbert is a Certified Contractor with 24 years’ experience in the Renovation industry and we offer a 3-year warranty on labour. This means that not only do we carry a formal education, have over two decades of experience, but we back up the quality of the service we offer.

Fact: did you know that approximately 80% of contractors are not Certified Professionals? It’s one trade professional service that is not regulated to have any form of ‘Formal’ education. Which means that many contractors that often code standards are not met, nor are the proper workplace safety measures applied.


Our Renovation Services are vast, and we service all jobs big or small. Here are some ideas as to what we can do for you!

  • Additions
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Renovations
  • Garage Builds
  • Decks/Porches
  • Gazebo’s
  • Wall Removal
  • Framing/Drywall
  • Flooring of all types


Black & White En-Suite Bathroom

This property was located in the Glebe and was an older home, so we gutted and reinstalled an entirely new bathroom since the old bathroom was quite outdated.

Kemptville Kitchen

We removed a wall, separating the dining area to the kitchen, and had to install a beam above the island. We simply clad it in drywall for a clean aesthetic.

Mountain EN-Suite Bathroom

This project was basically a renovation rescue. We had to take out the old contractor’s tile and shower as it was improperly done and start from scratch. This space was quite large, so we added a large double vanity with ample storage, a free-standing tub and a large custom shower with our signature custom wall to wall niche, and linear drain.

Nepean Kitchen

The original kitchen was not only outdated, but it was too small for the home chef that loved to cook and bake. We removed the former peninsula and opened the entire kitchen up to include cabinetry that extended past the original footprint closer to the window. 

Kemptville Bathroom EN-Suite

This bathroom was outdated and was due for a refresh. We removed the large deck mounted tub and installed a free-standing tub. We added a new custom shower with our signature wall to wall custom niche and larger double vanity & linen tower.

Ottawa Porch Rebuild

The original porch was falling apart and was no longer safe. This was an Investment property and housed tenants on both sides of the duplex, therefore we had to ensure that the build was solid, safe and to code.

Full Basement Renovation with Bathroom

This was a clean slate renovation. The basement had not been finished in any way prior to the renovation. We had to map out a plan for each room that was to be built within the basement footprint and build accordingly. It included a main family room off the stairs, a home office, a guest bedroom and EN-Suite bathroom.

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