Do you have a renovation project where the mere thought of making all of the design
decisions along the way overwhelms you? If this is true, you have come to the right place. 

With Total Home, we are your ‘One Stop Shop’ (okay a bit cliché) but we do provide services that meet your total design/renovation needs, from start to finish.



This is a bedroom turned bathroom Design/Build Project. Our clients always wanted to have an EN-suite bathroom, and so came to us with the idea to turn the adjacent bedroom to her Master Bedroom, into an EN-suite. Totally doable, and with a bit of creativity and skilled experience, we made this happen!


Our clients had an EN-Suite already, however, it was quite dated so definitely time for a makeover. It housed a large corner tub (these take up so much valuable real estate), toilet and a stand-up shower stall. The shower stall was quite small and was originally an insert. It wasn’t very functional or comfortable to use.

We recreated a new floor plan to make better use of this space since we wanted to add a free-standing tub and a larger shower area as well as a larger vanity.

Fireplace Facelift & Main Floor Design

This was an exciting project that started off with the focus being on the Fireplace, and floor refinishing, but when the client saw how much of an impact the new fireplace design had on their home, they decided to expand the project to the other areas on the main floor.

The before and after of this project truly shows how drastic a difference a little imagination and creative Design Style can make on the look of your home’s interior, and the way you ‘feel’ living in your home.

Family Bathroom Redesigned

This bathroom is quite small, so we could not make any changes to the floorplan. With this being the case, we opted to lighten and brighten in order to make if ‘feel’ bigger. Our main goal, update with a timeless approach to ensure that we were taking the entire family’s needs into our Design approach.

Stylish Kitchen Redesign

Our clients wanted an updated look to their kitchen without having to replace all of the cabinetry. While keeping the existing cabinets, we were still quite successful in bringing the original kitchen up to date with some new fixtures and finishes.

Compact Function – Family Bathroom

In this project, we truly needed to get creative and stretch our imaginations to provide the details that were on our clients wish list. This was a very small bathroom in a very small war time house, so there was no room to expand the footprint. We had to work within the parameters of the space but still provide adequate storage for their young family.

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