Renovation Portfolio

We are excited to share with you; a tour through some of our favorite Residential Renovations to date! Some of the images you are looking at are projects we have done over the years, and others are our most recent.

Each project is one we take pride in and we trust that as you browse through our gallery, you will notice the quality of care we have put into each renovation.

This portfolio represents our client’s goals and vision that Gilbert has brought to life as a skilled Certified Carpenter.

Did you know that 80% of all contractors are not Certified! That statistic is staggering, so for us, our Certification speaks to the level of service, the quality and experience that we provide from the beginning of your renovation through to the end.

Enjoy your tour…


Cindy & Gilbert Lutes – Total Home

Bathrooms & Kitchens

New Builds - Framing - Decks

Custom Carpentry

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