Ottawa porch rebuild

The original porch was falling apart and was no longer safe. This was an Investment property and housed tenants on both sides of the duplex, therefore we had to ensure that the build was solid, safe and to code.


Gilbert Lutes

renovation story

Each project has an unique story that makes it special. Here are some highlights behind the photos.

building to code

We required city permits as well as architectural drawings, and engineer specifications to complete this build. We had to ensure that the tenants also have secure access at all times during the extensive renovation, which caused us to also uphold city bylaws during both the demolition and rebuild.

Finishing Touches

The entire porch and balcony were removed, and we started from scratch and rebuilt to code. This included the balcony and roof, as well as the bottom double porch area with both staircases being completely redone.

client review

This was a big job, and I was a little nervous as to how it would go. I am very happy with the work that Gilbert did. His price was fair, and the quality of his workmanship exceeded my expectations.
Aida from Ottawa


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