Our clients always wanted to have an EN-suite bathroom, and so came to us with the idea to turn the adjacent bedroom to her Master Bedroom, into an EN-suite. 


Gilbert Lutes
Cindy Lutes


Design Build

design build story

Each project has an unique story that makes it special. Here are some highlights behind the photos.


We of course had to run plumbing into this space since in its current state it had none.

Creating New Paths

We had to close off the original bedroom entry door which opened to the hallway and relocate it to be an entry off the master.

salvaging doors

On the tub wall, there were two antique doors that opened to a closet. The client loved the doors, so we kept them in the design and relocated them for a better fit.

Maximize Space

Due to the sloped ceiling, we opted to build out the shower to include a bench seat to maximize usable space.

client review

For my new bathroom design I used the services of Cindy Lutes at Total Home in Kemptville.

Cindy was amazing and a huge help in pulling together my ideas and planning the space. I was quite overwhelmed with the idea of designing an ensuite bathroom from an adjoining bedroom. I had many ideas that I had collected over a 6 month period but had no idea where to start. Cindy was patient and checked in during the construction phase. She caught a few issues before they became a problem because she was so conscientious. Her attention to details that I would never have thought of meant we had a beautiful, functional, bathroom.

Cindy spent the time going over my ideas and then putting together a couple of design boards. This was so helpful as I could visualize the space that way. If I was underwhelmed by an item she would go back to the design board and provide me with a few other options. I was happy that she really worked with me rather than taking over the whole process. She is the professional but kept in mind that I was going to use the bathroom and needed to feel comfortable in the space.

I was very happy with Gilbert’s work. He was very professional and courteous from the first visit. He kept us updated on the work as it progressed and was always careful to keep the construction work as confined as possible.

The work done to build a master bathroom in a spare bedroom was meticulous. The workmanship was excellent and we love the spa feel of our bathroom.

I would not hesitate to use Gilbert for future work.

Susanne Ledbetter


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