In this project, we truly needed to get creative and stretch our imaginations to provide the details that were on our clients wish list. This was a very small bathroom in a very small war time house, so there was no room to expand the footprint. We had to work within the parameters of the space but still provide adequate storage for their young family.  


Gilbert Lutes
Cindy Lutes


Design Build

design build story

Each project has an unique story that makes it special. Here are some highlights behind the photos.

Adding Space

We pushed back the wall that housed the shower head and faucet to provide us with more space in the shower area. By doing this we gained approximately 4”. To makes sense of that space we added a ledge under the faucet for added storage.

custom medicine cabinet

On the back wall we built in a custom medicine chest and added custom doors to match the vanity doors and cabinetry above the vanity.

Additional Storage

We built additional storage above the vanity, by recessing the cabinetry 4” into the wall and we then built it out another 6”, providing us with 10” of interior cabinetry. This allowed our clients to house towels in the cabinets. The cabinetry above the vanity, has two custom mirrored doors, and we then simply added custom panel doors to match the vanity and medicine chest.


To add a bit more function and storage to this space, we built in an under-cabinet niche with pot lighting. The lighting can act as ambient lighting as it is on a dimmer or night lights for children during those late-night bathroom visits.

bath/shower upgrade

New soaker tub. We added a vertical niche with glass shelves to maintain that light airy look.

custom window treatment

We added a custom top down/bottom up window treatment in the shower (no cords, easy to use, and full privacy while still easy to clean as it is made of polyester).

client review

We contracted Cindy and Gilbert to design and renovate the main bathroom in our home. It had to use space quite efficiently, it had to be functional for our family with young children while also considering our needs as our family changes over the years. We wanted it to be modern while also ‘fitting’ with the current style of our home. And considering we plan to stay in this home long term, we wanted the design to be something classic over the years and the workmanship to be high quality. We wanted it done right – and it was.

I really appreciated the husband/wife duo of Gilbert as the contractor and Cindy as the interior designer. The workmanship was excellent, the input and sense of style from both of them helped create what we have, and I can’t get over how in-love I am with the style Cindy designed. I just feel-good waking into this room – which I do multiple times a day.

Gilbert stripped the whole thing down to the studs and took every decision with care as if it were his own house he was working on. He was clean and conscientious. Cindy brought creative design aspects to the conversation. They both thought of details we hadn’t considered, worked with our input and ideas, adapted their work to the ideas that emerged over the project, and respected our decisions and needs.

With both of them, I felt heard and we worked together well. All projects have hiccups, and this was no exception. The way in which we handled those hiccups was through open communication, respect for one another, and keeping our eye to budget and doing the work ‘right’.

We would hire them again. And we definitely recommend to our friends.

Saralyn from Ottawa


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