Army Cadet Dream Bedroom

We had the incredible privilege to style Tristan’s bedroom. Tristan was one of our CHEO children who was a part of our Total Home Rooms of Wellness program in 2019. Tristan had a tremendous love and respect for the Army and had made a pretty good attempt at creating a space in his room that reflected his personal style that was a direct reflection for his love of the Army.


Gilbert Lutes
Cindy Lutes


Everything that was done in Tristan’s room was designed in such a way as to create a room of personal touches and wellbeing. This room is a tribute to a young man who fought bravely for several years through is battle with cancer and sadly lost his battle on February 12, 2020. When I asked Tristan makes him happy, he said ‘making other people happy’.

camo accents

We added this fun army camo paint effect behind his bed and complimented it with the green and brown stripe.

furniture updates

The dresser and nightstand were repurposed and painted black. We added a single bed to make more room for Tristan to move around, which was imperative for his mobility.

accessibility updates

We repurposed the desk but downsized it to allow more space between his bed and desk for more mobility.

Inspired Art

We redesign inspirational quotes that Tristan had taped to his closet door and framed them for added design style and a personal touch.


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