First Impressions

So Property Stylists often, if not always, talk about curb appeal and how important it is to your potential buyer. After all, you have put a sign on your front lawn saying ‘For Sale’ which basically translates to ‘Look at Me’!  So now you have drawn a whole lot of attention to your house and are asking people to consider buying a very expensive investment. When you put that sign on your lawn, people will look even if they are not on the market for a new home. We are almost compelled to look because we are curious human beings. When you do look, what is the first thing that grabs your eye? Is it the property, the size of the house, the exterior finishes? Or is it an inviting entrance? All are very important, but when you have someone walk up your walkway and they approach the door way to their potential new home, what does that look like?


Our curiosity is driven by motivators. Whether good or bad, they motivate us to continue looking. My question is, do you want your potential buyer motivated because of a positive first impression and intrigued to see more or one of ‘Well we are here now, we may as well look so we haven’t wasted our fuel and time getting here’?

My goal would be to catch them right from the get go!

Eye Catching Tips

No matter what your entrance looks like, whether it be dated or new and modern, there are several things you can do to make your entrance appealing to your potential buyer. Most often, it takes ‘primarily’ some good old elbow grease and in some cases a modest investment to some minor repairs.

12 Tips to do the trick

  1. Remove spider webs – Nothing says ‘Yuck’ like dusty spider webs lurking all over the place or better yet, walking into one of the sticky messes.
  2. Sweep your walkway, porch or patio area – Its discouraging to see last years fall leaves hanging around during the summer season. 
  3. Fix broken glass – This just screams ‘lack of maintenance’ and concern for vandalism in the neighborhood.
  4. Clean your windows – Your potential buyer will think ‘Ugh, I can see that being on my honey do list
  5. Repair chipped paint on your door, railings or shutters – Nag Nag Nag…right? Is that why it never got done? This is the project that will nag your new buyer too! 
  6. Have consistency with your metals – The house numbers, mailbox, door knob, door knocker, light fixture etc.. should all be the same colour. Not everyone likes and eclectic look. If they do all match, take a few minutes to wipe them down and make them look fresh and polished. 
  7. Add a welcome mat – Freshen up your entrance with an attractive welcome mat. If it happens to say ‘welcome’ all the better!
  8. Weed your flower bed – Especially if it is right off of the entrance. If all you see are weeds along your walk to the door, your buyer is thinking about that ‘honey do list again’ and an aching back. 
  9. Pressure spray your siding – Ok, so a little more than a little elbow grease, but will this ever impress your potential buyer! Even if your siding is dated, it will at least give it a new lease on life while you trying to convince your potential buyer … to make the biggest investment of their lives. 
  10. Remove Garbage and Recycling – No body wants to see or smell your waste! If you tend to keep your waste receptacles near your entrance, don’t! Find a new home for them out of sight and out of mind.
  11. Replace light bulbs – Having ample light is so important when inviting guests into your home. Not taking a few minutes or spending next to nothing on a new bulb is simply lazy and your buyer will notice!
  12. Fix that door bell – Or remove it – Don’t have your guests standing at your door ringing a bell that doesn’t work… so frustrating. 

Make a lasting First Impression! Entice your buyer to want to see more. Build curiosity before they have even opened the door. Grab their attention with beautiful colour and cleanliness… Add a wreath or toss cushions to a bench or chair. Hang potted plants or flowers, as long as they are not interrupting access. Your entrance should make a statement! It should say Welcome Home!

Ask your property stylist to come and perform a full property report on your home to help you understand what your buyer is thinking as they walk through your house. This way, you will be one step ahead of the game.

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home…


Written and Created by Cindy Charbonneau