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At Total Home, we provide full service home staging in the greater Ottawa and surrounding areas, including, but not limited to: Kemptville, Manotick, Greely, Kanata & Orleans.

We service both occupied and vacant properties where we uplevel the interior aesthetic for maximum results for both your online and real life buyer experience.

To get started we invite you to contact us to book a complimentary Discovery Call where we can determine an action plan to effectively showcase your property for sale.

FACT: 90% of buyers can only remember what they see, not what it can be
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Our Professional Staging Portfolio

Since 90% of people cannot visualize past what they see, and those same people cannot visualize the future potential of a space, it is imperative that each room in your property be clearly defined, emphasise its function and flow effectively, and have components to it that evoke an emotional response in your buyer. When you do this, your buyer can envision themselves living in your house, making them feel like your house can become their home.

8 Time Award Winner for Design

Meet Your Property Stylist

Cindy Lutes is a ‘Certified Stager Pro’ with two certifications in Home Staging from the Association of Property Scene Designers (APSD). She is also a ‘Certified Interior Designer’ with the Interior Design Institute.  

Cindy’s passion is creating a warm and welcoming space that inspires wellbeing. Her focus is to showcase the properties best features and create an inviting experience with elevated design style. 

As a member of the Real Estate Stagers Association (RESA), our goal is to support each other and to demonstrate professionalism and service excellence within the Real Estate staging industry. 

Staging Packages

We have a variety of staging options depending on needs and budget.

Not sure which staging package you might need? Contact Cindy to discuss your project.

Home Ready Consultation

Occupied packages provide a professional approach to reimagining your properties interior aesthetic. We will repurpose existing contents and can include new furniture and styling accessories.

Vacant Property Consultation

We will determine which areas of your house are KEY spaces that should be professionally styled for maximum appeal both online and in real time. Vacant packages will include both furniture and home styling accessory rentals.

Custom Property Styling Packages

We accommodate both occupied and vacant properties.

 – Vacant packages will include both furniture and home styling accessory rentals.

– Occupied packages provide a professional approach to reimagining your properties interior aesthetic. We will repurpose existing contents and can include new furniture and styling accessories.

Cindy did a wonderful job staging a condo for one of my Clients. It turned out beautifully. With not a lot of notice she was able to accommodate a complex timeline. The reviews from visitors have been only positive! Well done Cindy!

ShanaLee Thomson

I am still in awe with how beautifully she staged our home! She came with so much advice, so many ideas and options for us to choose from. I honestly believe it made all the difference and I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Seeing before and after photos, there’s no doubt that her staging brought out the very best in the design of our home.

  • Andrea Gordon-Val

Total Home (Cindy) provided a very complete and thorough review of our home pre-staging. This allowed us to both understand what she would be doing for the actual staging and to prepare the house for her staging work. The staging was beautifully done – the house never looked this good!! And she did so using our own furniture, paintings and decor with a minimal number of items from her own inventory.

Stephan Layton

We engaged the services of Cindy from Total Home before putting our house on the market this year. She transformed the look of our house, making it more contemporary and more appealing to a wider market. The result was that we had an offer the day after our house went on the market. She was very supportive of our new move to an apartment by helping us choose fabric, paint colour and also helping with furniture placement and hanging of art work. Our entire experience with Cindy was positive. She is professional and knowledgeable and a fun person to work with.

Sharon From Ottawa

Cindy’s advice and staging were a key part of a quick home sale with multiple offers over the asking price. When she first walked through our home it was in a mess of being packed and required some fixing up. She was able to see through the mess to envision a final product. She worked to our tight schedule to ensure the house went to market in a timely manner. Cindy is very professional.

Andrew From Ottawa

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have rental furniture and or accessories?

Yes, Total Home is a full staging service, offering rental of furniture and accessories.

How long do I get the rental furniture and accessories?

All rental is booked for one full month.

Can I use the rental furniture and accessories while living in a staged home?

You can use the furniture however you are responsible for any damages. The rental accessories are strictly for aesthetic purposes only, with the exception of lighting – you can turn on the lights .

What happens if the property sells before the rental is up for renewal?

We will make all of the necessary arrangements to have all contents removed from your property at an agreed upon time, prior to or on your rental renewal date.

What happens if the property does not sell in the first month?

You have to option to renew your monthly rental at the renewal price for another month, or you can opt to DE-Stage the contents and not renew.

What do I do with my pets while my house is on the market?

Your pets are welcome to stay at home while your property is on the market, however you are responsible for the rental inventory should your pet damage it in any way. We often advise, that if it is an option, that you consider having your pet cared for by a friend/family member. Sometimes this reduces a tremendous amount of stress on you, the pet, the buyer and agent.

Why would I consider staging over leaving my house ‘as is’?

Property Showcasing will uplevel the buyer experience of your property in several ways. Your buyer will view it as move in ready, well maintained and as having added value. If you leave your property as is, you are leaving money on the table.

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What does a staging consultation look like?

We will meet with you at your property and tour the entire house providing you with value packed information on how you can effectively ready your home for sale.

How long does it take to stage a house?

In almost all cases, we will be in and out in one day, however dependant on the size of the home, and the level of staging, we can require 1 or 2 more days.

What will I need to do to prepare for staging?

The house should be clean, any furniture should be relocated or moved out as per any prior recommendations, access to the property arranged, parking available,  snow removal taken care of, no one should be home, pets accommodated, emergency contact info available, elevator booked, utilities in working order (hydro, water).

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Can anyone be home during staging?
Our agreement requires that for the purpose of
liability and efficiency, no one be on site during the time the property is being staged. This included the home owners, family members or any trades professionals.
What if my house is still being renovated or updated come staging day?

If your property is not ready for staging, your staging will be cancelled and rebooked. Please note a cancellation fee will apply so it’s important to allow some space in time between contractors and the staging team.

Do I have to move out while my house is on the market?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was required that the house be unoccupied while on the market, but those restrictions have been since lifted and you can stay onsite during the time your house is on the market. Occupied properties do have an extra liability fee on furniture/inventory rental.

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