Do you have an amazing house but your view is killing your properties appeal? We feel you pain and so want to share with your our top suggestions to help you in your Resale game!
After all, how many times have you driven by a house that is next to a bunch of Hydro lines and you think ‘No Way’, or say your neighbour has a junk yard in their front lawn – We would suggest asking your city bylaw to to assisting in requesting your neighbour clean things up.
What about your backyard facing a parking lot, or commercial park. What if you have a postage stamp size yard or your view is someone else’s brick wall leaving you no view at all?
These scenarios are a challenge and we want to help.

your total home

Here are our top suggestions to enhance your properties appeal.


1.Stage Your Home

Whether vacant or occupied, our top recommendation is to Showcase your house! If you leave your home vacant for example, your buyer will not have anything to grab onto in terms of considering a lifestyle in your property. This and the fact that when there is very little to look at, the often gravitate towards the windows and look outside.

Even in an owner occupied, we recommend that you contact a local stylist and get a professional perspective on how to feature your home in it’s best possible light!

your total home

your total home


your total home
Vacant Before
your total home
Vacant After – Styling by Total Home



2. Exterior Charm

Clearly you are going to have to get creative in terms of creating a welcoming environment regardless of your bad view, and we suggest you add charm. Charm will at least make your house feel a bit more welcoming despite the location.

Some ideas for this are to;

  • Add a wreath on your front door.
your total home
Holiday Egg Wreath adds a touch of Whimsy
  • Add decorative planters on your deck or next to your door.
your total home
Clay Pot Planter
Stylish and works with many aesthetics
  • Add cozy chairs with colourful toss cushions .
your total home
Dunn Outdoor Club Patio Chair
  • Ensure your gardens are well maintained.
your total home
The Butchart Gardens
I know this is not a typical house garden, but don’t the colours draw you in!
  • Ensure your windows and siding are clean.
  • Ensure you have optimum lighting.
  • Ensure your home looks in Top Notch Condition.
  • Do not leave any garbage or recycle visible
  • Have all garden tools/pet toys/children’s toys hidden from sight.



3. Interior Appeal

This is where the magic will happen and where your goal is; To have your buyer fall in love once we get them in the door.

The buyer experience is always important from the interior perspective of course, but when you have a property where the exterior is not serving you very well with regards to the view, you need to up your game inside in as many possible ways as you can. Try hard to not leave a stone unturned.

Here are some of our top ideas to help with your interior;

  • Include light filtering window treatments. Here you will still allow for the natural light to come through, but also, it will soften your window aesthetic and will mask the exterior view a wee bit.
your total home
Sheer Roll Up Shade
  • Layer in beautiful and botanically correct greenery around the house. This will create a natural vibe and will add colour and texture with a hint of the outdoors since this is what is lacking on your exterior.
your total home
Artificial Foliage Tree
your total home
Property Styling by Total Home
  • Add elements that depict the outdoors using natural wood, or use textures and patterns that give that nature vibe to the interior.
  • your total home
  • Ensure you leave a list of any or all upgrades that your house offers as part of your listing presentation.
your total home
Information is powerful for resale.
  • Offer inclusions such as; window treatments, light fixtures (seems standard, but many homeowners take their favorite chandeliers), home gym, home theatre, appliances, yard equipment such as lawn tractors (these will of course be added to your sale price), but it reads well from your buyers perspective. You can add these as an inclusions or be a negotiation tool that you are willing to factor in at the negotiation table.
  • Ensure your home has that ‘Move in Ready’ vibe. Repainting the entire house is a great way to achieve this! This and Clean Clean Clean!
If you are struggling with a location or an unattractive view that is not serving you, it is imperative that you do everything you can to entice your buyer ‘In’ to see how great your house really is. We always strive to bring value to our clients in a way that will serve them well in order to help them have an attractive online presence and overall appeal.
As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home
Cindy Lutes – Certified Property Stylist