Wow, There’s Lots of Storage!

Every single Ohhh and Awww is music to a sellers ears. If you are hearing this when your buyers are touring your house, then you are doing it right! Take pleasure in knowing that your hard work has PAID off! When you feature your closets and cupboards in your home, you increase your odds at impressing your buyer when tackling some of the really important factors that are selling them on your house, like ample storage!

5 Suggestions to Prepare Your Closets for Your Listing.

your total home1. Purge! Yup I know…the dreaded task of going through every single thing in your closet Ugh! But…it’s going to pay off, TRUST ME!

2. Pack up those seasonal items! Whatever is not in season, pack it!

3. Clean! Closets harbour a lot of dust because we seldom get in there and do any cleaning. This will freshen up your closet in a big way!

4. Make it neat! Fold every item in your closet so everything looks pristine! Seems silly, but it works and impresses people! It will show your buyer that you care for your home.

5. Wash it! If it smells like grandmas house, you need to re: launder it. REALLY you say… you would be surprised at how stale linen can smell when it has been hanging around a closed up closet for months on end without being used.

See for yourself!

Who would keep it that way you ask? Plenty of times I have gone into a consultation and seen closets and cupboards like this one. You would be surprised at how many people pride themselves in removing the clutter from their living space, only to ‘hide’ it all in their closets and cupboards. When you put that FOR SALE sign on your lawn you are saying ‘LOOK AT ME’ and look they will. When you open your house up for people to walk through and investigate your house, they will open closets and cupboards without a doubt! Every square inch of your home is for sale and is considered valuable real estate, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you can stash your stuff and no one will notice. Pack it and get it out of the house.

Selling your house is a business!!

You are selling the single most expensive item there is is to sell, for most people anyway. When you sit down with your real estate agent and discuss your price point, this is when you need to ask yourself “am I delivering to the asking price of my home?” This is an important question. We all think our home is valuable and we should get fair market value for it. But fair market value is really a comparison of what’s on the market in your price point and what each individual house is offering for the same price. Do your homework and look at your competition and decide from what they are offering if you are matching that. If not, get to work or drop your price! Keeping your home neat and organized is the very basic requirement and if you are not doing that, then your buyer will not take you seriously.

It seems like such a small item to talk about when there are bigger items to discuss like the roof, furnace or even the location of the house. But it is sometimes in the little things, that we so often overlook them and really they leave such a nagging and negative lasting impression in our buyers minds. 

I hope that I have opened your eyes to an issue that perhaps you have overlooked or maybe not even considered and now realize that your can easily rectify such a small yet important ‘must have’ ticked off of your buyers list such as ample storage.

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this article, so please do message me your feedback. I would love to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Cindy Lutes
Professional Property Stylist
Owner, Total Home