It’s all in the little things

You would be surprised, at how you can update a space buy making some simple and interesting changes that will really surprise you and won’t cost you the bank!! Interested….? Ok let’s get to the good stuff.


Adding a ‘new’ railing is for obvious reasons something that makes good sense to update a space. But, if it’s not in the budget, then you have to get creative. Think paint! Have a look at these before and after photos of how we painted out this dated looking railing from white spindles and an oak railing to all black! 

Notice how when you look through the white spindles it almost seems to blur your vision? When we painted them black, it helped to reduce the visual noise and made it easier on the eyes. It also helped to make the floor stand out and come to life again.

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Fireplaces create a focal point and should add drama and ambience. In this before photo, you will notice that the white fireplace surround paired with the white built in’s, wash the fireplace out. It kind of gets lost in the wall.

By painting the surround black, it ties in the railing, and the marble that surrounds the opening of the fireplace. We also removed the filigree decals and painted the brass black. This really updated the look of the fireplace to a more modern/contemporary vibe.


Entrances are your visitors first and last impression when entering and leaving your home. Why not create a space that captures your attention. It is the threshold to your castle, so show it off like any other room in your house. Do it up and make it feel important!

Once again, by simply painting out an outdated oak door, to black, we have turned this not so appealing entrance into something much more classic and stately! Look how it makes the black/grey marble floor really pop! It actually gave the floor a new lease on life. Before it looked dull and unsubstantial.

your total homeyour total home






Ok, so I think we can all agree that renovating an outdated kitchen can really add value and beauty to your space… agreed?! Well, that is not always in the budget for some people. Perhaps you have other more pressing things you need to get done before that dream kitchen can become a reality! Well if this is your situation, then why not consider painting your cabinets as a short term fix for a long term goal? I know, I know, yikes right!! So many people cringe at the mere thought of it. Well let me tell you, it is amazing the transformation painting your old oak cabinets can make. 

You will notice in the before and after photos, that not only did painting these cabinets make them look amazing, but it also brought out the beauty of the stainless steel appliances and really helped this granite countertop come alive. It lightened and brightened the entire space. This kitchen is rather small for the size of the house, and by painting the entire space, we have brightened everything up and brought it all up to date, on a more affordable budget than a full reno would have cost you.

Wallpapered Walls

Although wallpaper has made a ‘comeback’, it is now done with taste and style! It is often done as an accent or feature in newly designed spaces. However, in the past, it was often overdone or done completely in bad taste. 

I think we can all agree, that stripping wallpaper is one of the leading causes for disputes among couples and therefore can be put off forever!! You would have to pay someone a hefty fee, to spend countless hours stripping it. In some cases the stuff just doesn’t want to come off without a fight, and you can actually do damage to the drywall in your efforts to remove the nasty stuff.

There is a solution. Paint it!! Yup you heard me, paint the wallpaper. Believe it or not it can be done, and done so that you would never know that the paper is still there. I do recommend however, hiring a professional painter to do the job, because it does require mudding over the seams and this, in of itself, is a job better left for the pros. They can get that wall perfect so you don’t see any imperfections. Proper use of materials and application can go a long way. But it saved on the labor of stripping it. Not to mention the dirty mess it leaves behind. 

We did remove the upper cabinets to create more visual space in this room, but still, the transformations speaks for itself!

There are so many interesting things you can do with paint these days! Technology has come a long way. When in doubt, ask your professional painter or paint store for information on what product you can use to paint just about anything in your home!

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Feel free to contact me and share your painting stories. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our gallery for some other great before and after pics! 

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Cindy Lutes

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