Transform your art piece into a masterpiece!

Art work is one of those pinnacle things in any design scheme that can truly pull a room together and can stimulate many a great conversations.

It is a KEY player in creating a focal point, adding colour and texture, and it will even carry a theme that builds on your rooms story 🙂

Do you happen to have art stuck hidden away behind the furnace because frankly you can’t part with it for sentimental reasons? Or so you really love the subject, but the frame and matt are not in line with your design style?

Just maybe you think – i’ll find a spot for it somewhere, but then your think, it just doesn’t go anywhere.

Consider Reframing you art!

You will be surprised as to how you can transform a piece of art. You may also have a few hidden gems tucked away that you didn’t know had value.
I am here to show you just how incredibly different your art can look with some creativity and a keen eye for detail.

The Warrior

The Warrior Before – The tiny gold frame paired with brownish mat felt dull and boring. It depleted the art of colour and vibrancy.

The Warrior After –  We chose this incredible embossed green frame to pull out the green detail within the subject and added this beautiful glossy black mat. My framer created this stunning Art Deco V grove which truly exemplifies the artistic quality of this piece. The warrior looks like it is truly leaping off the page

Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage Before – This is an actual rubbing from one of our clients families travels. Putting this beautiful work of art into a spindly frame is a shame. It completely understates the art piece and does nothing for its appeal.

Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage After – We’ve enlarged the frame to include this gorgeous grey mat with black inner mat to truly ignite this piece. It has allowed us to completely focus on the subject and appreciate it for its artistic nature.

Horse and Carriage After

Horse & Butterfly

Horse and Butterfly Before – Often times, we see art that has a really strong mat colour, and when you do this, sometimes the mat demands the attention and totally disconnects us from the piece of art itself.

Horse and Butterfly Before

Horse and Butterfly After – We chose this simple neutral beige mat which we feel has allowed us to hone in on the detail within the art piece and show its beautiful colours. We’ve added a bit of detail in the 1/8″ inner mat to add a bit of contrast. To help frame this piece even more, we chose this bronzed gold and black frame, which has absolutely transformed this piece.

Horse and Butterfly After

The Samurai

The Samurai Before – Ok, we have to agree that the Samurai is making quite a statement with in his pose, but somehow the mat and frame are not cutting it.

The Samurai Before

The Samurai After – We beefed up the frame to this impressive black rounded frame. It is just as commanding as the subject itself, but somehow doesn’t steel the show, in fact it totally grabs the subjects attention as the Samurai strikes a pose.

The Samurai After

Horse and Rider

The Horse and Rider Before – don’t they both look so sad and floppy and unenthusiastic? Okay, art is subjective, I know, but really, the frame makes this entire scene really dull.

Before Image

Horse and Rider After – In the after shot, notice how we mounted the paper on top of the the black background? This truly has allowed the original beauty of the art piece to come alive and be in its intended state. That and the black mat and vertical line in the V grove help to almost lift the subject and add some sophistication to the piece?

This is a valuable piece of art as it was discovered in the re frame process, and now it carries some stature!

Horse and Rider After

Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquet Before – The original frame of this piece is actually gold leaf and quite valuable, so we kept the frame in tact for another use.  We found that the frame absorbed all of the colour and substance from the beauty of the bouquet itself. That and modernizing this piece meant keeping it in the contemporary design scheme wit pride.

Horse and Rider After

Floral Bouquet After – We chose a beautiful white linen mat to maintain a sense of  it’s old world beauty, and a bronzed gold and black frame, which allowed bouquet to come alive and take center stage.

Horse and Rider After

The Stallions

The Stallions Before – This piece was a real challenge because it was a piece that had some sentimental value, but because it was such a dated piece, my clients could not see the potential. Everything seemed wrong with this old piece of art.

The Stallions After – WOW, is all I can say. I was so thrilled to show this piece to my clients after we re framed it. I could not believe how much time we spent appreciating the detail in the piece. We honestly found the beauty in the colours, movement of the water, the way the Stallions seemed alive and almost moving within the art.

We chose a khaki inner and outer mat combination and paired it with the bronzed gold and black frame to maintain some old world charm.

I hope you enjoyed the transformations and were able to see past my reflection in some of the images, sorry,  I truly do need to hone my photography skills, but I hope that you can see the value that re framing does have on your works of art!

I would love to hear your success stories, or art framing flops 🙂

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home!


Cindy Lutes – Property Stylist – Total Home