Being Grateful

Love, Love, Loved this showcasing project! This was the perfect opportunity to challenge my creativity, organization, and time management skills. Not to mention working with the elderly and its staff, which really brings out that compassion and team spirit. It is multi-tasking to its fullest and …. a positive and uplifting experience. I am truly grateful for having had this opportunity at this time in my career.  Thank you Irina Popova for the referral.

Thank you ‘Symphony at the Palisades’, Ottawa Ont. and all of its staff and clients for putting your trust and confidence in Total Home!

Scope of Work

The Challengewas to re:create ten new Model Suites and the Sales Office, primarily using what was already in the building, and  purchasing  some new inventory. Five of the suites were to be ‘Show Quality’ suites with that ‘WOW’ factor and the remaining five suites were to be ‘Modestly’ dressed. The Sales Office, needed to also make a statement, as so many clients walk into this room every day. This all, in less than, 4 weeks…Challenge accepted!

The Planning, was intense! I had to upload over 400 photos, cull through them and determine which pieces of furniture, art, textiles, décor were going to be used where. That means, I had to create files of each specific category, of item. i.e.; lamps, side tables, bedding etc… I had to copy the photo of the specific item, put it into its specific file, labelled by the suite #, all being sure that I make that item no longer available, so I don’t duplicate the item to another suite.  It was hours of reviewing each item and deciding which lamp would look best with which sofa, etc… I had to keep in mind, the scale of the room and the layout that would work best, to feature this space in it best possible light.

Shopping, was fun! Who doesn’t like shopping when you are not spending your own money? Having said that, it was also a lot of concentration and focus! I had to decide on colours, textures, size, shape, and what location did I need this for, i.e.: vanity (or refer to my lists of purchases needed) and try to put together a room, based on photos and memory. Being in a room and seeing it for its true scale and looking at a photo and determining scale, are two entirely different aspects. Given the timing I had, and the scope of the job, I had to think accurately in a short amount of time. The exciting part of the job, is the journey! Its exciting, to really tug, on all of my creative skills and put together multiple spaces, that will make anyone who enters it, want to LIVE there!

Time management was tricky, ‘because of the time frame’. I needed to ensure that I allotted a respectable amount of time, on planning, preparation, packing, shopping, and finally the showcasing. Each stage of this job, took a lot of care and patience. Once I had found the new pieces that I needed for the suites, I had to clean them and de-tag and de-sticker everything. Then to pack it carefully, because after all… you break it, you buy it! Everything was packed according to suite # so I knew exactly where it needed to go, once I was in the building. I showcased two suites per day. The transformation was well worth the effort! The suites look beautiful!

The showcasing

Bringing it all together, was in a constant fast forward momentum. Thankfully, I had such a great team of people to work with. Each person, dove in and supported me, through every step of the way!

The transformation was really fun to witness! To see something come together, piece by piece, is really exhilarating.  Its like YES!… looks great! Although, I had a plan for each space, it’s interesting, how things can still change, when you are in the moment. Even more interesting, is that even though there were changes, and I really had to ‘pull all of the stops’ to bring a room together… it all still worked beautifully and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Love the way this room came together. The pops of green and yellow really created a sense of elegance…

I love making things look beautiful.

I love bringing joy to people. 

And, as always, helping you in caring for your Total Home.

Cindy Charbonneau

Professional Property Stager/Decorator