There’s no place like home, and nothing makes us appreciate the comforts of home more than travelling. It’s true that spending time at a hotel or retreat can make us feel pampered and distract us from being somewhere foreign, however, when you are travelling to the home of family or friends, we often don’t get the same type of experience and it can make us miss being home even more.

Therefore, Total Home has put together a list of cheap and easy tips to follow when you are hosting someone at your house so that they can feel all the comfort and warmth you’d like your guests to experience when they are with you.






White cotton towels use in spa bathroom on white wood background.

Clean and crisp towels kept in your guest’s room are the first must! Everyone one has different hygiene practices, whether it be showering in the morning or night, washing your face, or just rinsing off on a hot day, and providing a couple towels in your guest’s room invites them to use the shower as they need. It adds a level of comfort and freedom to their visit. If you would like that added spa or hotel feel, put out white towels for them, as they can tend to look newer and fresher. To keep them that way, you can keep these towels in your guest bedroom even when you don’t have guests so that no one else uses them. Limited use will also keep them feeling newer for longer.



Staged bedroom in blue and cream by Cindy Lutes, Total Home

How many times have you stayed overnight somewhere and are provided with one single pillow? This is especially disheartening if the pillow is not to your liking, ex., too flat, too hard, etc. Don’t underestimate how important this can be, not only for the sake that some people just prefer to have multiple pillows, but sometimes multiple pillows are essential for someone suffering from soreness or pains and need to use pillow in their sleep to elevate or brace parts of their body. We recommendation to provide four pillows on the bed (dependent on the size of bed of course, if you have a twin bed, then two pillows will suffice). Try to get a mixture of soft and firm. Of course, aesthetically, if you would only like to limit the pillows you have on the bed, you can store more pillows in the closet or in under-the-bed storage. Just be sure to tell your guests that they’re there!



Closeup stack of blue clean bedding on a dresser. Blurred background. Sunlight from the window

There is nothing more satisfying than slipping into bed with crisp fresh sheets. If it’s been a while since you have cleaned the sheets, we recommend you rewashing them. If you have a clothesline, we highly recommend you dry your sheets this way and then simply enjoy the fresh outdoors scent as you settle in for the night. Having a second set of sheets available is always a nice, unexpected touch – especially for guests that are planning on staying for several days or weeks.



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Some of us like it warm and cozy while we sleep, while others would rather sleep in a cooler climate. Our recommendation is to layer the bedding as follows:

  • Top sheet
  • A soft blanket over that
  • Finally, a duvet or comforter.

This way, they don’t have to ask for more blankets and they have the freedom to remove a blanket to moderate their level of comfort as they wish. We like to keep extra blankets handy in a basket near the bed, at the end of the bed, or with the extra pillows in the closet should they feel they need an extra layer.



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Travelling is a journey and with that there are so many experiences that your guests may decide to journal about especially if they are staying with you for a while. They may wish to remember places, events, dates, or people that they met along the way. What a thoughtful memento to leave them like a journal in their bedside table.

Books we realize are so personal in their genres, however a book on travel (especially specific to where you live) or perhaps on a hobby that you happen to know that they like is another thoughtful gesture.



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We like the idea of having a greeting card on their pillow. Inside you can inscribe a simple welcome, with any of the following:

  • Wi-Fi password
  • TV remote instructions
  • Where the extra blankets/pillows are
  • How to use the shower
  • Room thermostat
  • *Or any other specific instruction that pertains to your house’s unique features.

This way, you won’t need to go through an entire instruction seminar with them that they most likely won’t remember anyway. It makes a great point of reference if they do need to refer to it, and this way once again, they won’t feel like they are a bother.



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A friend of ours had done this when her mother-in-law was visiting, and we LOVED this. It was a special touch that really said, we appreciate you!

On a nightstand, have a framed photo of your guest or couple’s wedding day, if they have a child or children, place a photo of their child/family etc…, or perhaps they have a fur baby that they had to leave at. This is something that will not only surprise and delight them but will add a bit of home and familiarity to their stay. They will sincerely be touched by your gesture and in turn, you will feel so good about making them feel special.



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Setup a coffee/tea station in your kitchen. Plug in the Keurig, the kettle, leave a couple different tea bags out with some cups and your sugar.  Providing an on-the-ready station is a great way for your early risers to help themselves. In this way, they can be independent and won’t be worried about troubling you early in the morning. They also won’t feel inclined to hold off from enjoying a quiet cup of coffee while they welcome the morning sun. Water bottles are also so appreciated. We know that sometimes you need a sip of water during the night, especially if you have a change in climate. Your home may be much drier than their home, therefore, a bottle of water is a nice touch.



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A special little touch is to provide soap and lotion as this can be often forgotten and a very sweet touch for your guests. We recommend getting scent free and natural products as many people have reactions and aversions to certain scents.

If possible, try getting these products from a local shop as your guest will get a little taste of where they are staying, and it helps promote small businesses.



Too really give the most to your guest, surprise them with a loot bag for their travels back home. Include things like:

  • Bottle of water
  • Gum
  • A snack
  • Tissue
  • An interesting magazine
  • A pen and pad of paper
  • A crossword puzzles
  • Moist towelettes
  • A kitty of loose change
  • Hand sanitizer

The sky’s the limit really on what you can put in the loot bag, so get creative. They will not expect this little extra surprise and we are certain that when the time comes, they will sincerely appreciate it.


What are some of your ideas that you use to treat your guests in that special way?  
Cindy Lutes
Professional Property Stylist
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