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On this page you will have the opportunity to browse through a ‘select few’ of some of our most recent renovations and home upgrades, that we at Total Home are very proud of!

This portfolio represents our clients goals and vision brought to life by the very best Craftsmanship of Gilbert Lutes – Certified Carpenter.

If you have a home renovation that you are considering,but do not see it in our Renovation Gallery here, please do feel free to contact us (contact us tab to the right of your screen) and ask if we can help you with your specific needs.

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Cindy & Gilbert Lutes – Total Home

Nepean Kitchen Renovation

Our only regret is that we do not have a before photo of this fabulous Kitchen 🙁

If you can imagine, the kitchen was essentially cut in half. There was an eating area exactly where it is now, only there were no cabinets there, as there is currently. There was a peninsula that divides the kitchen area from the eating area and there was a smaller island where the current one is. Great work Gilbert Lutes

Kemptville Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

Our clients were wanting to upgrade their ensuite bathroom in order to have more appeal for the purpose of selling their house. What a great idea wouldn’t you say!!

Being in not only the Renovation industry, but the Home Staging/Interior Design Industry (we really are your ‘One Stop Shop’) we could not agree more, that upgrades go a long way in your ReSale factor.

We sadly do not have any before photos, but we can assure you, that this is one amazing transformation! Big corner tub, small shower stall, and outdated cabinets are some big ticket items we changed in this space.

Kemptville Kitchen Renovation

Our clients objective was to open up this Kitchen area into the Living Room. Whether you are considering re:sale or for practical everyday living, this just makes perfect sense.

When you open up a small kitchen into a small living room space, you will be surprised to see how much bigger you two spaces will appear! Its actually astonishing! What a difference one wall can make 🙂 Take a look at the gallery and see for yourself.

One Client - Two Bathrooms

Navan Basement Bathroom ReBuild - Part 1

Basement Bathroom ReBuild

This particular project was a bit more extensive as the entire floor plan changed for this particular space in the current Utility/Bathroom layout. This was our clients plan that we implemented.

The hot water tank was relocated elsewhere in the basement to make room for the washer and dryer team.

As well the bathroom door was moved over slightly to facilitate the new design plan.

We removed the old stand up shower with a gorgeous custom tile shower, new vanity, toilet, flooring, lighting, paint and the laundry team was stacked into the corner for convenience and function, as the primary focus of this space was to incorporate a beautiful 2nd bathroom in this home.

Navan Family Bathroom Renovation - Part 2

Main Floor Family Bathroom Renovation

This is the second bathroom of our back to back bathroom renovation for the same client.

In this space, our client wanted to upgrade the bathroom, but wanted to maintain having a bathtub and keep the current footprint. This is a great idea for resale,  so we put in a glass shower door, to add in a more modern vibe.

The vanity was not only replaced with this beautiful white cabinet style, but it was enlarged to feature the tower cabinet for added storage.

Clean Framing

We believe that all too often the art of clean framing, and quality craftsmanship gets lost behind your pretty painted walls. It almost seems as though, fine carpentry is a lost art.

In our immediate gratification world, people want things done cheap and fast and with that comes sacrifice. If you are willing to hire based on price and timeline, then you may be losing out on a quality end result that essentially is the foundation of any great renovation.

We pride ourselves on the skilled carpentry that stands behind all of our renovations. That includes the stuff hidden behind your beautiful design, and that is the solid structure holding up your walls.

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