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Whether you are a Homeowner or Investor and you are considering putting a property on the market, you are in ‘The Business of Selling a House’, and this is Big Business!

It will be by far one of the single most expensive investments a person(s) will make, so you want to master this opportunity with a strong presence both online and in person. – the experience will be very different from both perspectives.

Property Showcasing is what is Working to sell homes faster and for Top Dollar! If you are curious about the benefits or ROI of effectively showcasing your property for sale, read our article 5 Top Ways You Will Get Your $$$ Worth When You Stage Your House

Old Ottawa East - Vacant Staging

As you will notice, this is a cozy little house that lends a modern/contemporary air or sophistication! Showcasing this property was essential to highlighting this quality, rather than the client experience being one of ‘its so small’.

One of the KEY components to our plan, was proper floor planning and a beautiful design style that had you Wowed from start to finish.

Notice the choice we made to the colour scheme, choice furnishings and gorgeous accents. All were planned perfectly to evoke a calm, inviting atmosphere, while taking your focus off of the fact that the property was rather compact.

Alta Vista - Occupied Staging

This family occupied home, needed a few minor upgrades in order to fully feature its already charming appeal.

We painted the entry, kitchen, sun porch and living room, although opted to keep the black feature walls in tack, aren’t they fun!

We also, changed out the backsplash and pendant lights above the island.

The staging, focused on layering in a few key new furniture choices, along with fully accessorizing this beautiful space so that it could shine!

Westborough Vacant Transformation

Each time I work on a property, I wait for it to speak to me. In this case my inspiration came from the two lovely little stained glass windows in the living room.

Stained glass can go one of two ways; it can look old and dated, or it can add a touch of unique character to an otherwise upbeat and trendy home. We went with the latter, when we designed this showstopping property.

Ottawa Occupied Showcasing

This was a very special project in that we wanted to be sure that each room in this gorgeous home in Alta Vista was clearly defined. As well, that it was showcased in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the House itself, where all of the charm and character was feature in it’s best possible light.

Enjoy your tour through this fabulous home.

Preston Area Two Room Show Stopper!

This property that is located in the Ottawa Preston St area, was showcased featuring only the front two rooms.

Because we focused on these two KEY rooms which were right off the entry – and you only have 7 – 10 seconds to WOW your buyer, we created this this bold and eye catching design scheme.


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