Why Prepare a ‘Scope of Work’ for Your Contractor

We want to talk about creating a ‘Scope of Work‘ before you start your search for the right contractor. Its important to give your contractors who are bidding on your project, a detailed scope of work. The reason for this, is, that all contractors have their own idea of how the job is going to be completed and which products are being used. If your project is not clearly defined, this leaves room for miss communication and possible extras that will surface, if the scope of work is unclear.

For example:

Contractor A, may bid on your bathroom reno, at a price of lets say $10,000. Seems good to you, but what is included in his bid?

What products is he using? Are they using proper materials like glue, cement, waterproofing? These materials are vital for a job well done and add up quickly.

For example; are tiles, fixtures, lighting, included in his estimate? Are the sub trades included, or is he doing the work himself?

These facts, change the cost of the estimate. Although his price may be cheaper as a result of his doing it on his own and it may seem like its saving you money, but dependant on the nature of the job at hand, i.e. electrical, this must be done by a licensed electrician or it will void your home-owners insurance policy.

Contractor B, who’s price is higher, may be taking into consideration all facets of your building plan. He has taken into account the cost associated with hiring licensed professionals and has factored in all of the the details to complete the entire build. He may have factored in costs of obtaining a permit, for your protection.

Therefore when you are looking at price, as one determining factor, on which contractor you would like to work with, it’s important to remember these key elements in your decision making. At the end of the day it could save you a lot of money!!

An short example, of a ‘Scope of Work‘ would look like this.


  • Waste removal
  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Sub contractors
  • Installation of fixtures
  • Painting/electrical/plumbing etc…

These are your expectations of your contractor and then would be included in his estimate.


  • Purchase of fixtures
  • Purchase of tile
  • Storage of furnishings
  • Building permit (optional – most builders will include)

With a clear ‘Scope of Work‘, each contractor, will then have a fair bidding opportunity. Otherwise it leaves a lot to their own interpretation. It also gives you the opportunity, to make an informed decision.

We trust this information has been informative… and can be a great guide in helping you choose the right bid.

As always… helping you, in caring for your Total Home!



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