Using Picture Frames in New and Fun Ways!

Frames are Stylish

Why not take a walk on the creative side and explore fun new ways to use your picture frames! Now a days, frames have become a design accessory in your home. They come in a huge variety of colours, styles, shapes and themes. The ideas are endless as to what you could do with your picture frames. 

You can create your own unique piece of art and be sure that no one else is going to have it on their walls or accent tables. 

Believe it or not, I purchased all of the materials shown in this piece from Dollarama! The total cost was under $10 and took me roughly an hour to complete! I love how the mirror reflects different colours so this piece is ever changing in its surrounding.







Notice the berry twig the bird is flying towards looks red 🙂



How To Make This Piece

Materials Needed

– Frame with a mat – Fabric ( I chose a green sheer fabric that has a slight shimmer) –  Cardboard (to apply fabric) – Mirrored Decals (these are self adhesive) – Scissors & Glue Gun. That’s it, pretty simple!









I simply glued the fabric onto the cardboard to create my base colour (if you are using a sheer fabric, you may need to double it up so that it is less transparent – you can see in the photo that your cardboard will show right through otherwise).

From there, I started to create my scene with my decals. Be sure to check for positioning by placing your mat and frame over your work of art before you permanently stick your pieces on. Once you have your scene in place, put frame back together.

Voila! You now have a unique ‘inexpensive’ work of art!


Table Top Frames

You can create fun accessories throughout your home by using smaller table top frames like the ones shown here. 

Adorn a small shelf with a happy message! 








Add a cheerful message to your child’s room!












Welcome everyone who enters your home!








Have fun with your creations! Remember, no one is judging you, this is supposed to be an expression of your creative side. I love the power of positive thinking, and this is a creative way to have positive messages throughout your home! Get your kids involved and let them decorate their rooms with fun and inspiring pictures.

You can collect a variety of frames and do something special for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter… The ideas can go on and on….!

I would love to see your ideas for creating fun and unique pictures in your home! Happy creating!

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home!

Written and Created by Cindy Charbonneau

Professional Property Stylist/Interior Decorator

Specializing in Renovations, Property Showcasing (Home Staging) and Interior Decorating

Total HomeUsing Picture Frames in New and Fun Ways!