Where, When, Why & How do I get a successful ROI with Staging?

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It all comes down to money…correct?! Ok, so you want to know, if you spend hundreds and quite possibly thousands of dollars on showcasing (staging) your property, how does that investment pay you back? This is what we call ROI – Return on investment! And this is the biggest and most influential decision maker of it all! It’s a tough ‘nugget’ … Read More

Total HomeWhere, When, Why & How do I get a successful ROI with Staging?

Meeting Designer Amanda Forrest

RESA Real Estate Stagers Association meets Amanda Forrest

RESA Ottawa members meet Amanda Forrest Being a member of RESA (Real Estate Stager’s Association) always has it benefits. Some of the benefits are; connecting monthly with a dynamic group of professionals, sharing ideas and experiences and helping one another to troubleshoot on some pretty challenging bumps in the road that can arise in our exciting industry. One of the … Read More

Total HomeMeeting Designer Amanda Forrest

Using Picture Frames in New and Fun Ways!

Frames are Stylish Why not take a walk on the creative side and explore fun new ways to use your picture frames! Now a days, frames have become a design accessory in your home. They come in a huge variety of colours, styles, shapes and themes. The ideas are endless as to what you could do with your picture frames.  You … Read More

Total HomeUsing Picture Frames in New and Fun Ways!

Is Staging Costing You or Saving You?

Staging in the Market Place Something that is becoming a very attractive resource in helping to sell houses quicker and for more money is ‘Property Showcasing’ or ‘Staging’ as it is commonly known. More and more vendors are hiring Stagers because it has proven results no matter what the market is like. In a buyers market it is helping to … Read More

Total HomeIs Staging Costing You or Saving You?

Is Your Entrance Appealing or Appalling? 12 Tips to do the Trick!

First Impressions So Property Stylists often, if not always, talk about curb appeal and how important it is to your potential buyer. After all, you have put a sign on your front lawn saying ‘For Sale’ which basically translates to ‘Look at Me’!  So now you have drawn a whole lot of attention to your house and are asking people to consider … Read More

Total HomeIs Your Entrance Appealing or Appalling? 12 Tips to do the Trick!

Every Room in your house is for sale!

Showcasing is Important!! I love the title of this blog… Why? Because it tells each and every seller out there exactly what Stagers & Realtors have been trying to say to you over and over again, in so many ways, but with many more words. When your buyer enters your home they are taking in the whole picture. They are … Read More

Total HomeEvery Room in your house is for sale!

Window Treatments when Selling Your House

Lets talk about window treatments Window treatments in any home are of huge importance. Not only in the overall look of your décor when decorating to live, but also to your buyer when shopping for a home. Window treatments do so much for a space. They layer in warmth, texture, colour, drama, elegance, ambience and at times create artistic flare. … Read More

Total HomeWindow Treatments when Selling Your House

The ‘Dilemma’ on Removing Personal Photos, when Selling your House!

This topic, is one of great debate, for Professional Stager’s, Realtor’s and Home-owners alike. The controversy seems, to lie between two points of view and a universal perspective from the Realtor. HOME OWNER ‘Why should I get rid of my family photos, doesn’t it make it look like home’? PROFESSIONAL STAGER ‘It is best to remove your family photos, so your … Read More

Total HomeThe ‘Dilemma’ on Removing Personal Photos, when Selling your House!