Common Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their House!

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No Pain, No Gain! Most buyers are attracted to ‘move in ready’ homes, it’s like fly to fly paper. After all, the move is already overwhelming, not to mention adding painting, repairs and/or cleaning to the list. You can do several things to prepare your home to be put on the market. Most of it takes elbow grease and time. Trust … Read More

Total HomeCommon Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their House!

Caution Tape on your Closet?

Every space in your home is for sale, including your closets. Get them organized to impress your buyer.

Wow, There’s Lots of Storage! Every single Ohhh and Awww is music to a sellers ears. If you are hearing this when your buyers are touring your house, then you are doing it right! Take pleasure in knowing that your hard work has PAID off! When you feature your closets and cupboards in your home, you increase your odds at impressing your buyer … Read More

Total HomeCaution Tape on your Closet?