7 Methods to Clean your Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel A general understanding of it and how it may affect the cleaning of it.  Many stainless steel appliances are not actually made from ‘Stainless Steel’ but are made from what is called ‘catering stainless steel’ which starts from stainless steel and then is coated to have a polished finish to look like stainless steel. A tip that has … Read More

Total Home7 Methods to Clean your Stainless Steel

Common Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their House!

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No Pain, No Gain! Most buyers are attracted to ‘move in ready’ homes, it’s like fly to fly paper. After all, the move is already overwhelming, not to mention adding painting, repairs and/or cleaning to the list. You can do several things to prepare your home to be put on the market. Most of it takes elbow grease and time. Trust … Read More

Total HomeCommon Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their House!