Welcome to our Property Showcasing Gallery

Whether you are a Homeowner or Investor and you are considering putting a property on the market, you are in ‘The Business of Selling a House’, and this is Big Business!

It will be by far one of the single most expensive investments a person(s) will make, so you want to master this opportunity with a strong presence both online and in person. – the experience will be very different from both perspectives.

Property Showcasing is what is Working to sell homes faster and for Top Dollar! If you are curious about the benefits or ROI of effectively showcasing your property for sale, read our article 5 Top Ways You Will Get Your $$$ Worth When You Stage Your House

Vacant Home Staging

In today’s Real Estate market, 95% of buyers are shopping online first, before they will even consider visiting your property. They type in their search criteria and then come up with a list of potential properties that meet that criteria. Once they have the list, it is like turning pages in a book.

Your online presence is KEY in effectively marketing your property. The photos are what grabs a buyers attention. From there, they will put your property on their list of properties to view. This is what we refer to as the Buyers Must See List!

This is where you want to be when you market your property for sale. It’s like being on the front page of Google.

Occupied Home Staging

With occupied properties, we still want to be able to feature your house as Move in Ready to the best of our abilities. Therefore we will ensure that we make recommendations that are going to be of maximum benefit from the buyers perspective, as well as helping you find a reasonable way to still live in your space.

We can make dramatic changes using your existing contents. You would be surprised at how great your property can look with a professional eye for detail.

As well, we can incorporate new and interesting rental accessories, furniture, art and textiles where needed to enhance each space and provide that WOW factor buyers dream of.

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