Every Room in your house is for sale!

Showcasing is Important!!

I love the title of this blog… Why? Because it tells each and every seller out there exactly what Stagers & Realtors have been trying to say to you over and over again, in so many ways, but with many more words. When your buyer enters your home they are taking in the whole picture. They are looking at each and every space in your house. People often overlook spare rooms, laundry rooms, entrance ways, powder rooms, mud rooms etc… Why do we do this?

What if…

Lets consider a few scenarios that can help you to see things from your buyers perspective. Keep in mind, that each buyer has their own ‘unique’ family lifestyle and will have very different set of priorities, itemized on their list that you may not even consider. 

The Third Bedroom

Most people ignore this room when they are selling their house. They give little to no consideration on how this room looks. Often times it becomes a catch all for all of the overstock while they are planning their move. Or it gets left empty. The problem with this is, this could be a very important room for your buyer. It could be a brand new nursery for that pleasant surprise they are expecting. Or they may need the extra room for a frequently visiting in-law. Perhaps it is going to be a home office and space for storage is a must. To you its just an extra room, to your buyer it could have very significant value.

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The Laundry Room

Believe it or not, laundry rooms are all the trend these days. They are actually a sizable ‘Room’ in your house and are often decorated quite beautifully. They are not just a little nook that houses the washer and dryer anymore. Although, this is not always the case, I don’t feel that you should ignore the look of your laundry room, whatever it may be. Your buyer may have a large family, therefore the laundry room gets a lot of activity. Nobody wants to do laundry and if it looks like an un-kept dungeon, it could be a real turn off. It may be small on the scale of priorities, but a ‘negative’ non the less.


The Entrance Way

This space is your buyers first point of contact in your home. This reason alone is a huge reason why this space should not be overlooked when showcasing your home. Your buyer makes a decision within 7 – 10 seconds upon entering your house. This is the first impression, make it count! But… what if your buyer entertains a lot? Or what if your buyer has children and your house is the ‘place to hang out’? The entrance then becomes of huge importance. Ensure that not only is it clutter free, but looks as inviting as possible. It should say ‘come in and welcome to our home’!


The Powder Room

This space is usually the smallest space in your home. Ah, its the powder room, it doesn’t matter. Or does it?! Could this be your toddlers potty training ‘go to bathroom’, or grandma’s personal prep station that happens to be right beside ‘her’ room when she visits, or what about your teenage daughter, do you want to give her, her own space for those busy mornings? Ensuring that this space has ‘something to offer’ no matter what it’s size, is something that could be of great value for your buyer. I think it should say ‘i’m a functional, yet a cozy room for one‘.


 The Mud Room

Oh, the drop zone… Anything and everything gets left in here. You come home, its been a long day and whatever, its the mud room. I get it, its the ‘Mud Room’ and what do you expect the mud room to look like. Hens the word ‘mud’. But what if your buyer is a couple with no children and very seldom entertains. Perhaps they are retired and have very little need for a heavy traffic area labeled the mud room? They may want to re purpose this space as a cozy nook and the overwhelming feeling they get when they walk into your mud room, turns them right off. Or consider this… maybe they very much need a mud room, with their busy family and your space appears to be unorganized and cluttered. It may appear too small or an unmanageable area. Again, perhaps a small ‘negative’ in the bigger picture, but a negative non the less. Each negative adds up to one giant negative.


Remember… Every Room in your house is for sale, so consider how each space is represented.

Do any of these rooms matter to you and your family lifestyle? Which one is important to you? I would love your feedback.

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home…

Cindy Charbonneau, your professional property stager/interior decorator with Total Home


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Total HomeEvery Room in your house is for sale!