Cheap and Easy Fix to Broken Glass on your Art!


Broken Glass can be Costly!!

Sorry, I didn’t think to take a shot of the broken glass before hand to allow for the effect, but we all know what broken glass looks like right!!


Do you have a piece of art that you love but the glass broke and all you can think of is, ‘great, now I have to drive to the frame shop, buy a new piece of glass and have it installed wait until its ready, go back, pick it up and then open my wallet?’ You see dollar signs and time right! I know, that’s what I thought when I broke the glass in this piece I had recently bought. Do you sit there and question whether it is worth it? Sadly, this becomes a big procrastination project most often…

As a Property Stylist, I have to buy a lot of art and when a piece breaks, it just means $$$…. no fun and adds up very quickly. So I always try to fix things myself and try to find the best solution to doing that in the most affordable way! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Recycled Solution!


Do you remember these prints way back when…? I never thought that I would get so excited seeing this during my shopping trip, but it was like a light bulb went off!! Cheep piece of art with glass…!! I didn’t plan on finding this particular solution to my broken glass problem, therefore I didn’t have any measurements with me for my broken art piece, so I took a whole $2.50 chance on this gem !! I was actually giddy when I brought it up to the cash at my local Thrift Store. 

It Actually Fit!!

I have never been so thrilled with myself… Ok, I realize this was not a big financial risk buying the cheap piece of art, but the fact that it fit and was fixed in a matter of a half hour was a greatly satisfying. No trip to the frame shop, no inflated costs, and no wait time! I would say this is a huge success in the grand scheme of things! 

I would love to hear your success stories on your DIY projects. 

As always, helping you in caring for your Total Home…

Written and created by Cindy Charbonneau.

Photos by Cindy Charbonneau






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