A ‘New’ approach to selling your house!

What’s your approach to selling your house? Although Home Staging is the ‘New‘ way, of selling your house faster and for more money, it is still a very delicate conversation, because it is very personal. Visualizing the benefits of Staging is often a challenge for most people. Often times, my clients will tell me that they think that their house looks, … Read More

Total HomeA ‘New’ approach to selling your house!

Commercial Staging – Symphony at the Palisades

Being Grateful Love, Love, Loved this showcasing project! This was the perfect opportunity to challenge my creativity, organization, and time management skills. Not to mention working with the elderly and its staff, which really brings out that compassion and team spirit. It is multi-tasking to its fullest and …. a positive and uplifting experience. I am truly grateful for having … Read More

Total HomeCommercial Staging – Symphony at the Palisades

Winners of ‘Trusted Pros 2014’

We are proud to announce that Total Home been selected as a WINNER of ‘Best of Trusted Pros 2014’ in the category of ‘Bathroom Renovations’, ‘Home Staging’, and ‘General Contracting’. This badge has been posted on our Trusted Pros profile. View it at https://trustedpros.ca/company/total-home We would like to Thank all of our clients, who helped to make this possible, by submitting your great reviews, and … Read More

Total HomeWinners of ‘Trusted Pros 2014’

Window Treatments when Selling Your House

Lets talk about window treatments Window treatments in any home are of huge importance. Not only in the overall look of your décor when decorating to live, but also to your buyer when shopping for a home. Window treatments do so much for a space. They layer in warmth, texture, colour, drama, elegance, ambience and at times create artistic flare. … Read More

Total HomeWindow Treatments when Selling Your House

The ‘Dilemma’ on Removing Personal Photos, when Selling your House!

This topic, is one of great debate, for Professional Stager’s, Realtor’s and Home-owners alike. The controversy seems, to lie between two points of view and a universal perspective from the Realtor. HOME OWNER ‘Why should I get rid of my family photos, doesn’t it make it look like home’? PROFESSIONAL STAGER ‘It is best to remove your family photos, so your … Read More

Total HomeThe ‘Dilemma’ on Removing Personal Photos, when Selling your House!

Why Prepare a ‘Scope of Work’ for Your Contractor

We want to talk about creating a ‘Scope of Work‘ before you start your search for the right contractor. Its important to give your contractors who are bidding on your project, a detailed scope of work. The reason for this, is, that all contractors have their own idea of how the job is going to be completed and which products … Read More

Total HomeWhy Prepare a ‘Scope of Work’ for Your Contractor

Total Home Welcomes YOU!

Welcome! Total Home is your ‘One Stop Shop‘ in caring for your Total Home! Here you will find our services helpful whether you are renovating, selling your house, need some help with organizing or want to give your current living space a new lease on life! Enjoy, browsing through our galleries and testimonials. We’d love to hear from you! We … Read More

adminTotal Home Welcomes YOU!