A ‘New’ approach to selling your house!

What’s your approach to selling your house?

Although Home Staging is the ‘New‘ way, of selling your house faster and for more money, it is still a very delicate conversation, because it is very personal. Visualizing the benefits of Staging is often a challenge for most people. Often times, my clients will tell me that they think that their house looks, fine the way it is. Can you see the problem with this statement? There are actually, two problems with it 

First, it is in saying, ‘my house looks fine the way it is’. If your buyer walks away thinking … its fine, it won’t leave a lasting impression. You have not ‘targeted your buyer’ and therefore you potentially face a house that sits on the market. If they are not wowed‘, they may focus on the deficiencies and want to barter on your asking price. Your house may not stand out against the competition. It may even appear to be ‘not be what they are looking for‘, because rooms are not clearly defined, or properly showcased, to target their interests. Keep in mind, our goal is to target the most amount of buyers.

Second, when you say ‘my house looks fine the way it isyou are viewing your house from ‘your’ interests. That statement is strictly from your perspective. Unless, you are the one buying your house, it is important to take a look at it from your buyers perspective. Professional Home Staging is more than, cleaning, organizing and putting three scented candles on a table. Professional Stagers, dig deep and view your house, with your buyers judging eye. Your professional property stager, will identified any deficiencies and helped you to prioritise them, to complete your tasks in order to prepare for the next stage of professionally showcasing your property. They will then plan a proper floor plan and décor scheme that will directly meet your buyers expectations.

Occupied Showcasing

Living Room – Before & After

*You have to deliver to the expectation to your asking price!

The Buyers Judging Eye!

This is an interesting phrase. Why, because sometimes we don’t recognize, that when people come through our house to view it, that they will be judging every single aspect of the house. Some of the simplest of fixes will be frowned upon,  even on things that are not included as part of the listing, may leave, a negative lasting impression. For example, they may see that you have dated door knobs and lighting and think… ‘I really don’t like round door knobs, I prefer the lever style, and that lighting is horrible’. These are quick and rather economical fixes in the grand scheme of things, but to the buyer, they are negatives. Or they may see dated furnishings (not something that is staying with the house) and say ‘that sofa is really dated, I hate floral patterns‘. It adds that little negative component, that they may keep with them during their visit and after they leave. It sounds silly, but its true. They may walk away thinking that the house is dated, simply by how it’s featured, or not featured, as it were.

Vacant Showcasing 

Living Room – Before & After


*Buyers make a decision, within 7 seconds of entering your house.

The Sellers Love, for Everything Theirs!

Its really interesting when you talk to some vendors, and their defensiveness of how you view their home. The key words there being, their home. Its understandable really, because after all, you are picking apart everything they love, about their home. But! You are in the business of selling your ‘house’, not your homeIt really is that simple! You have a very large and expensive product to sell. This, for most people, will be the biggest purchase of their lifetime, and the most important one. This after all, is going to be ‘their home. Detaching and Depersonalizing are key components, when listing your property for sale. Why, because you take the ‘you’ out of what is to become ‘theirs’.

Its important that you remember, that while you are selling your house, you are most likely shopping, for your new home too. And with that, you will have the ‘buyers judging eye’, while you visit their homes. 

Occupied ‘Staging to Live’

Bedroom – Before & After

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*Buyers need to mentally move into your house before they will make it their own.

 Who Stages Anyway?

Where there is a product to sell, there is staging. Think about it. Food chains, depict the most mouth watering food. Car companies, polish their vehicles and demonstrate how well they perform. Clothing companies, have models wearing their clothing in fun and creative ways. I could go on and on here giving you examples of staging, but you get the point. But interestingly enough, when it comes to selling what is to be a consumers biggest purchase, we say; ‘i’m not going to invest any money on something, that I will no longer own, just so someone else will enjoy it’. And so, there it sits.

Big builders however, stage all of their model homes. Why, because it works! They know, that often times, people cannot see the potential in a space, unless you, show them the potential.  Builders cannot afford to let a property sit on the market, can you?

Commercial Staging – Model Suites

Living Room – Before & After

*Buyers only remember what they see, not what it can be.

What is the return on your investment?

Consider that while you are selling your house, that you are carrying costs. You are paying the mortgage, utilities, taxes and maintenance on your house. The longer it sits, the longer you pay into these expenses. In some cases, you may be carrying two mortgages, property taxes and utilities. This adds up pretty quickly. In addition, the longer your house sits on the market, the more questions your buyers begin to have.

Questions like;

  • ‘What’s wrong with the house, why is it not selling’? You cannot afford to have that question asked, because this gives your buyer leverage. There perception may be that you are desperate and need to sell it, therefore will want to negotiate your price. This is where you start to loose money!
  • I wonder if they are asking too much? Cost, is one of the strongest influencers of a sale.
  • Could it be the neighbours that are making it hard to sell? This may have no bearing on why it sits, but people will still question any potential reason. Key words…. what is the reason?

By professionally showcasing your house, you are appealing to ‘your buyer’. How? Well, think about this…

If you are not;

  • Packing
  • Cleaning
  • De-cluttering
  • De-personalizing
  • Or, Preparing your House; by professionally showcasing it and it looks lived in, You eliminate any sense of urgency, for your buyer. When your house looks lived in, it will not feel move in ready. Where as, when you have a Professional Property Stager provide you with a consultation, that will identify any deficiencies, and then properly showcase it to target your buyer, it will appear attractive. In turn, your buyer will know, that if they don’t act fast, this house will sell quickly.

Why, because it demonstrates that you are serious and are moving on… Here is where you save money, because statistics say that Professionally Showcasing your house, will sell your house 50% faster and often for top dollar! I’d say this is a perfect return on your investment!


Bedroom – Before & After

*A well maintained house, is perceived as move in ready!

Check out this post from Realtor.org where it demonstrates the effectiveness of home staging– National Association of Realtor’s – http://www.realtor.org/infographics/infographic-effectiveness-of-home-staging

When a house sits on the market, vendors will immediately talk about dropping their price. On average, the first price reduction, will be anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000. That’s alarming! Most often, staging costs  less, than the lowest first price reduction.

Consider this… If you invest say $2500 on staging your house, and it sells in 50% less time, than an Un-staged house, and it sells for top dollar, you have just paid for your staging costs and then some.

If you are considering staging your property and want to meet with our Professional Property Stager, click on the tab ‘contact us’.

As always… helping you in caring for your Total home.



Total HomeA ‘New’ approach to selling your house!