Our Celebrity Client – Bobby Ryan of the Ottawa Senators!

Dressing up a room in pretty decor.

Fan to Interior Decorator…

How often can a fan of the Ottawa Senators say that not only did they have a chance to meet a player up close and personal, let alone work within their home as their Interior Decorator?! Well Total Home had the chance! This opportunity came by way of a referral actually. A close friend of ours was doing some work for them and he referred us as they were looking for a decorator. You never know where or how you next job is going to come from 🙂

We are living proof that exciting opportunities can come to those who work hard and provide trust and value to their clients.

A pretty vignette of pottery to warm up a space.

Pottery is pretty!








Meeting Danielle and Bobby

What a privilege and honour it was to meet Bobby and his lovely wife Danielle. Although I had to do everything I could to keep my nerves in check on my way there, from the moment I walked in their door, I felt much more at ease. Danielle, is very personable and down to earth and never for one moment did I feel uncomfortable. She is absolutely beautiful and has a genuine caring soul. 

It wasn’t until we were wrapping up our meeting did Bobby walk in. So tall…. and very friendly 🙂 I loved having a chance to chat with him and Danielle when I was preparing to leave… We talked about hockey of course and golf and living in Canada and Bobby even indulged me, in a brief conversation about my son Hayden’s 4 year hockey career 🙂 It was fun! And… very exciting!! I was excited at the opportunity that I might work with them.

Grand entrance

Let your entrance say welcome!








Their Fur Babies

Bobby and Danielle have two of the most adorable and interesting kitties… I am a huge cat lover, so this was a treat! Their breed is a Hyland Linx which is a domestic cross between a Snow Leopard and the Bobcat family. They have the most interesting physical characteristics; they have short tails (not cropped, just naturally short), curled ears (they curl outwards) and 6 toes.   There names are Pelle and Prince and very affectionate. They greet you at the door 🙂 so cute! They loved all of the new additions coming into the house and as cats are; they were very curious.

It’s never a bad time for a nap…

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Decorating is exhausting!









Adding the Personal Touches

Bobby and Danielle have great style and taste, they were just looking for someone to pull everything together. With busy lives, they needed me to source, shop and execute the finishing touches that help to make a house a home. It was and remains to be an honour to be asked to help people in this way. 

Danielle has a passion for all things cozy and comfy and not overly extravagant… right up my alley! I got to shop in some of my favorite stores and find a collection of items that layered in colour, texture, style, and character into their home. I did what I do best and helped to deliver a beautiful end result! With a combination of what Danielle and Bobby already had and the items I brought in, I truly feel it reflects their warmth, great taste and a welcoming environment for family and friends.

I don’t take all of the credit, with Bobby and Danielle’s warm and friendly personalities, it is easy to see that their home already holds an abundance of love and comfort… that makes a house a HOME!

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It’s time to come Home!







Thank You Bobby and Danielle

I always thank and appreciate each and every client I work with, for the opportunity to help them create an environment, where at the end of a long day, they love the space they are living in. I mean, isn’t that what coming home is all about!? Coming home is amongst one of my favorite things to do… and so when I get there, I want it to be a space that I feel secure in, and at ease… comfortable:)

Thank you immensely Danielle and Bobby for inviting us into your home and to trust us, to help you put together a space that you also will love to come home to.  It was a pleasure meeting you both. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future!

I would also like to wish you both the very best as you embark on the most joyous and momentous experience that having a child will bring. If anything makes a house a home, it is the laughter, love and joy a child brings. Welcome home….

Here is what Danielle has to say about us 🙂

As always… helping you in caring for your Total Home!

Written and created by Cindy Charbonneau

Professional Property Stylist

Transforming Interiors to a space you will be proud of!




Total HomeOur Celebrity Client – Bobby Ryan of the Ottawa Senators!