Too many of us are suffering from allergies today but we love to have greenery in our home as it adds such warmth, colour and life to a space. Or, perhaps you just don’t have a green thumb or you travel so much that you couldn’t keep a plant alive if you wanted too. Having silk plants or flowers in your home can add that special touch! I love to decorate with greenery and silk flowers, because without them, your room feels empty of emotion. It is surprising how much a silk plant or flower arrangement can add zest...colour... and luxury to a accent table or as a centerpiece in your dining or living room. I know.... you have to dust them right?! Well, I hate to tell you, you have to dust your real house plant too! They collect dust like a silk plant does and they are far more fragile to work with. When you have a beautiful floral arrangement that never dies...its a win win!!

Yellow Pom Pom with Orchid

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Holy cow that's bright and cheerful and crazy! Do you love it or hate it! Perhaps its the perfect fit to your amazing eclectic décor scheme!

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