10 Tips on Hosting Your Guest

Welcome your guests

We’ve all travelled and spent time at the home of a family member or a friend and while we want to have an enjoyable stay, we also want to be the type of guest that our family and friends want to invite back. So if you are planning on having a house guest for any period of time, there are ways that you can help them not only enjoy their stay, but also ensure that you as well, will find their stay pleasant . 

The following suggestions are ways that will help your visitor feel welcomed and at home. As well, the recommendations will be helpful to you to ensure that while you have a guest, it will create a sense of ease during their stay, for all family members within your household.

Linens & Toiletries

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The Spa Touch!

So when you travel and you step into the bathroom of your Hotel Suite, don’t you look forward to knowing that there are clean plush towels available and or a comfy bathrobe? Another thing that I personally look forward to are the toiletries – so convenient. Let’s be honest, how many of you keep the tiny bottles left for you? It’s a funny little thing, but I always feel like it’s a small little complimentary gift, that will come in handy some day 🙂

1. Guest Towels – Go out and purchase a set of plush towels that never get used by anyone in the home. Bring them out when your guests are visiting. This is a great gesture & your guests will feel like royalty when they see those beautiful towels, just for them. You can neatly fold them and have them out on the bed or you can keep a decorative basket nearby with your guest towels in them. 

2. Bathrobes – I love to wear my bathroom when I come out of the shower, but it tends to be a rather bulky item to pack, and it is one thing that I would not want to forget and leave behind. So, have a comfy bathrobe available for your guests and leave it in plain sight so that they know it is for them. A suggestions would be to have it hanging, on a hanger, on a hook, behind the door. The hook on the door is perfect for your guest to hang their wet towels too! 

3. Soaps & Stuff – Most often, your guests will have their own shampoos and body wash, but it doesn’t hurt to have available a small travel size container of these items, just in case.

Other considerations would be the ‘think outside the box’ type items, that perhaps they may need in a pinch. Things like; dental floss, mouthwash, manicure kits, cotton balls, Q-tips, pain relievers, shower cap, toothpaste, a package of gum, first aid items, hand cream, body lotion, wipes etc…Your guest can feel like they are inconveniencing you when they have to ask for little extras like this. Keep a pretty box labeled  For Your Convenience at their disposal in their room. When you package it in a box like this, it makes for a great way to store the items later when they leave. 


We all have different patterns and routines when we sleep. Some of us need/like very little, while others tend to have a few more needs. Be prepared for any variable. This way, everyone is happy, and no one feels awkward about asking for extras, and or, no one goes without the things they are most comfortable with on a day to day basis. 

4. Blankets –  Some of us like it warm and cozy while we sleep, while others would rather sleep in a cooler climate. My recommendation would be to layer the bedding. Always, have a top sheet, followed by two different levels of blankets. So essentially, they would have a sheet, a soft blanket over that, and finally a duvet or comforter. This way, they don’t have to ask for more blankets and they have the freedom to remove a blanket to moderate their level of comfort as they wish. 

I like to keep extra blankets handy in a basket near the bed, or at the end of the bed, should they feel they need an extra layer. 

5. Pillows – If you are like me, I like to sleep with a lot of pillows. I like to have one for my head, one for my legs and one to snuggle with. I feel this provides me with optimal comfort. Sometimes this is a necessity for anyone who has a physical issue with their neck or back. 

A recommendation is to have four pillows on the bed (dependant on the size of bed of course, if you have a twin bed, then two pillows will suffice), one firm pillow and one soft pillow for each of your guests. In addition, it would be helpful to store and extra pillow or two either in the closet, or under their bed in a storage container, so that they can access it on their own. 

Wifi and other Technical Stuff

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Welcome to our Home!

If you have a guest that will be staying over a longer period of time, or perhaps they will be in the home alone while you are at work, your guest may want to use the internet, your TV or sound system while you are gone.  Being prepared by having instructional tips available to them, is a great way to ensure all of their needs are met. 

6. Greeting Card – I like the idea of having a greeting card on their pillow, inside you can say a simple welcome, but enclosed are the Wifi password, and TV remote instructions. This way, you won’t need to go through an entire instruction seminar with them, that they most likely won’t remember anyway. It makes a great point of reference if they do need to refer back to it and this way once again, they won’t feel like they are a bother. Inside the card you can have a printed list of anything you feel they may need to refer to, on your household operations.


Morning Routines

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Coffee is Ready!

Waking up in someone else’s home is usually a bit uncomfortable because we don’t want to disturb the household or come across as imposing. Having a couple of the typical necessities readily available is great way to ensure your guest feels comfortable and at ease. 

7. Coffee – If you use a coffee machine, it would be a nice gesture to have the coffee pre programmed if you know your guest(s) are early risers. This way, the coffee is ready to serve and your guest won’t feel like they are rummaging through your cupboards looking for tea/coffee, and they won’t be worried about making  noise so early in the morning. Having a mug and other essentials such as sugar, tea whitener etc… out and ready for use is helpful. Common sense tells them where the milk/creamer is 🙂

A local coffee shop ‘prepaid card’ might be an added special touch – you could have this in your greeting card that you placed on their bed. Address and directions would be helpful, if they are not familiar with the area. 

8. Breakfast – If you have an early riser, it is a nice treat to have available some fruit or muffins on hand. You can prepare this by placing a variety of easy to grab foods in a basket beside the coffee station. Perhaps a small note to say ‘Please help yourself to a treat’. This way they won’t feel like they are imposing. 

A Special Memento

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A Personal Memento

It is always exciting to travel and spend time with family and friends, and see something new and exciting while you are away from home. But lets face it, sometimes we really miss home. 

9. Personal Photos – A friend of mine had done this when her mother in law was visiting, and I LOVED this idea. It was a special touch that really said, we appreciate you! 

On a night stand, have a framed photo of a your guest or couple’s wedding day, if they have a child or children, place a photo of their child/family etc…, or perhaps they have a fur baby that they had to leave at home – have a photo of their pet. This is something that will not only surprise and delight them, but will add a bit of home and familiarity to their stay. They will sincerely be touched by your gesture and in turn, you will feel so good about making them feel special. 

Your Farewell

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A Parting Gift

This is a crazy busy time for your guest. They have to plan, pack and prepare for their travel home. It is exhausting and at times quite stressful as it is jammed packed with so many things to do and remember. 

10. Loot Bag Prepare your guest a loot bag. Have things like a bottle of water, gum, a snack, tissue, an interesting magazine, a pen and pad of paper, a crossword puzzle, moist towelettes, a kitty of loose change & hand sanitizer – the sky’s the limit really on what you can put in the loot bag, so get creative. They will not expect this little extra surprise and I am certain that when the time comes, they will sincerely appreciate it. 

I hope that you have found this article helpful. If so, we would love it if you shared it with someone you know could benefit from the suggestions above. 

As always…. helping you in caring for your Total Home

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